Hi, this blog is just a reflection of my thoughts and the things I see around me in life as a single woman in Amman. It combines facts and fiction, and it reflects the social norms of a budding young society trapped between the traditions of past generations and the demands of modernity.

This blog is the many Faces of life in Amman, it is the way I see life in Amman.

More About Me.

I am a writer, a blogger, a speaker, a Toastmaster, and a dreamer. I love great conversations, great food, and great places. I love Amman, because I feel it offers something for everybody.   I want my writing to inspire people, and to help them reach their highest potential.  I do focus on the inspirational, because I believe that inspiration is the force that drives us to achieve great things.

I Happy Reading and do share with me your opinions.


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