My Random Things-Part 3- My Artistic Adventure

I have always been someone who wanted to learn to make art, but the only semi artistic thing I have done those past years was to color in adult coloring books. If you consider the posters I make on Canva using ready-made templates as art, I do those too.  So, when I saw an event on Facebook inviting people to make a clay pot in an hour I jumped at the opportunity.

My first discovery was that we have in Amman a fully fledged art center that gives art classes, The CAC Amman. I have been looking for one of those for years!

 On the big day, we were ushered into a room full of pottery wheels and we were each asked to sit at one.

After a brief demonstration, my turn came at the wheel. I slammed my foot on the peddle and it started moving fast, in fact so fast that my slab of clay went flying all over the room. The instructor laughed about my mishap , and simply asked me to try again. The second time around, no one in the room got showered with my clay, and a fairly respectable plate started forming in my hand. Too confident with myself, I ventured to give it a narrow base, but instead, I gave it a hole in the bottom. So that was dead clay piece number two for me.

On my third attempt, and with help from the instructor, I   made a cylinder vase that lacked any style, but at least I didn’t wreck anymore clay.  By then, I learned to keep the wheel at the speed it needed to be. However, I kept messing up when it came to centering my clay. I then made a reputable vase, but I broke it when I attempted to remove it from the wheel. So you can guess I’m not great at this and that there will be no pottery exhibits by me any time soon.

 Anyway, after many more failed attempts, I made a round vase I was proud enough of, and a plate. But also by that time, my clothes, hair, and arms were covered in clay.

Never the less, I was really having fun with it, joking with the instructor, commenting on why the people around me were doing a better job than me, and the instructor was even laughing about my repeated failures. But all in all, the event was a real stress reliever at the end of a work week.

I learned from the experience that practice makes perfect, well in my case, not perfect just OK, and that at some point you need to get rid of your worries about the clothes getting dirty or your nails being covered in clay. You just need to let things be.

I guess life happens the same way, you just need to let things go in order to enjoy the experience.

Soon I will tell you about my fourth random thing.


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