My Random Things Part Two – Searching the Power of Speech

Being a Toastmaster for many years, I have come to believe in the power of Public Speaking.  I do believe that words have an impact on us. Why else world initiatives like TED Talks alongside other speaking engagements gain popularity.

People, in my opinion, are wired to enjoy hearing other people share their experiences through talk, and this is why anyone who talks on Social Media quickly becomes an influencer. Personally, the idea of the Influencer has always fascinated me. I couldn’t help but wonder why some people gain fame and recognition and some don’t. This curiosity has driven me to attend a TEDx event last week titled TEDxDabouq and this was the second item on my list of 100 Random Things which I spoke about in my last blog post titled My Random Things -Part One

Anyway back to the event, it was held last Friday at the ZINC Innovation Campus in Amman., and indeed it featured eleven speakers. To me, the speakers were normal people but that is not to say that they were not interesting. In fact, they were and they all gave me a take home message each in their own way.

Dr. Hanna Sabat, a holder of a PhD in Astrophysics and lecturer  at the Regional Center for Space Science, spoke about how small our world really is in respect to the universe. Honestly, his talk was way too scientific for someone like me who detests numbers and science, but I can’t say it was boring.

Similarly, Mr. Yazeed Abul Failat spoke about how he left a corporate job where he was doing well to pursue his dream in film making, and how he had spent his life challenging his parents, and society to make his dreams a reality. The take home message from his talk was really that one needs to keeve the comfort Zone in order to achieve. From another angle, speaker Ibrahim Khalid spoke about his experience as an orphan and now by the age of 18 the system left orphans without choices in life. He then spoke about his work as a Volunteer at Al Aman Fund  for the Future of Orphans and he highlighted how his work has been dedicated to bridging the gap between Orphans and mainstream society.  

Furthermore, Ms Manar Al Dina spoke about keeping things in perspective and rebelling against norms that society has placed on us. She spoke passionately about the need to take charge of one’s life and not to stick to what others deem as ok, In her talk, she drew upon her experience as a Mindset Coach and NLP Fractioned to state that things don’t happen to us but for us, depending on how we choose to react to life. Also Ms Ola As’ad, Founder of Quality of Life Nutrition and Eating Disorder Center, spoke about body image and how society has been programmed to make us compare ourselves to others. Her take home message was that we should love ourselves as we are. From his end, GM of Samih Mall, Mr Laith Abu Hilal spoke about the initiatives he does to encourage youth to follow their passions and how our educational system should include more relevant career choices for the younger generation.

Artist and Painter Omar Mihyar told us how he overcame physical difficulties to remove social stigmas and shine, and Ms. Malak Al Akeili CEO of Golden Wheat for Trading, spoke about the need to have humanity in the back of your mind in whatever you do. Furthermore, Mr. Zaid  Souqi, founder of the Orient Tribe, spoke about how he one day quit his job because it wasn’t what he wanted to do. He then told us how he followed new opportunities and that now he works on design projects that empower impoverished communities, and last but not least Dr. Shadi Al Shdaifat also spoke about the importance of having passion in what one does.

Of course there were other speakers, but these are the ones who stuck to my mind after a week from the event.

So, where did my search on the power of the influencer lead me? Well the verdict on that is that the influencer might be doing work that any other person does. As you can see, anyone of us can hold a PHD, work in nutrition, found a company, volunteer to help orphans, or quit a job to do something else, but the difference between normal people and the people of influence is that the latter made their actions known. They put themselves out there, and they were not afraid of sounding silly, irrelevant, or stupid.  Honestly, the speakers did not say anything we didn’t know already on some level, but their inspiration came from the fact that they spoke openly about their lives.   

We can all go to Toastmasters and learn to be professional speakers, but in order for us to be speakers people would listen to, we need to not be afraid of saying what we think. I know that some of us may not seek fame or fortune, some of us are private people who have no dreams of speaking to the world, but what we do is irrelevant. The only thing that courts is  how we do it, and whether or not we have heart.

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