My Random Things-Part One

This year, and after being diagnosed with illnesses which I spoke about in my blog post titled The Choice, I realized just how short life really is, and it also hit me just how many things I wanted to learn and how many times I have delayed my plans to learn them.

I delayed my plans because I was either too busy with day to day life, or too tired, or too lazy. However, now that  I am very close to being cured I realize that I have been given a second chance and so the time to live has come.  When you hear people say that sickness change you, I confirm that it does. I came out of this experience believing that if we want to do something in life we really should because we really don’t know when our time is up in this world.

We should never say I will do it later, no matter what that “it” is. We should never delay our plans for when we are rich or when we are older, or after we that raise or that promotion, we should just go for it.  Thankfully, my time isn’t up yet and I do believe that I am lucky to be one of the Cancer patients who can say that. So, since I still have time in this world, I decided to make a list of everything I wanted to do and learn and actually to make the time to get this list done. From here, my List of 100 Random Things was born.

Last week, I kicked off this list by learning about NLP. Why NLP ? well that is because I wanted to know more about it for years and I claimed to be too busy to. So, lucky for me I found on Facebook that there was a 7 JD talk about it. So, I seized the opportunity and I went.

In this talk a lot of interesting things were said, but one statement stuck to my mind. You see, the instructor said we spend our life not being self aware and instead being too aware of what is expected of us.

She pointed out that we are flattered when someone likes us but we don’t stop to ask ourselves if we like them or if we like ourselves when we are with them. This idea came close to home for me because I realized then and there that I did that myself. If people liked me, that was great news for me and  we become friends. However,  I don’t remember ever stopping to ask myself if I like me when I’m with them. In fact after the lecture, I quickly surveyed the list of people I talk to in my mind, and it hit me that the instructor is right, we like the idea of being liked but we don’t stop to think if we like the people who have expressed their affection towards us. It is from here that toxic relations are born.

We get upset by the comments of others because we allow ourselves to and we fail to realize that their comments are their opinions. We allow ourselves to get insulted because we are attached to the idea that others should have a good opinion of us, when in reality the only opinion of us that matters is our own.

What I understood from this lecture was that NLP offers us the tools to be aware of ourselves and what we think of us. It was all all an eye opening experience, and I do look forward to learning more. A one hour talk can teach you things. This talk was a confirmation of that.

Dear Reader, I realize that my list may not be too active but the level of activity I can adopt depends on my treatment. So, for now the list doesn’t include sky diving, swimming with sharks, or climbing Mount Everest. In fact for the next few months, it is confined to things I can do or learn inside the city of Amman, and the city of Amman has a lot to offer.  

I will share with you what My #2 item on my List of Random Things is after tomorrow.

Have a great day.


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