The Other Plan

Every year, in the month of December, most of us make elaborate plans for the year to come. We call them goals, resolutions, dreams, ambitions, or even hopes. On December 2018, I decided not to do that, instead I decided to just plan to be a better person in 2019.

Now, three months into the New Year,  I think that, even with that simple proposition,  I set the bar too high for myself . I ask now “Who defines better?” or “What is better even?” I ask myself, what happens when life throws us a curb ball that sets all our plans off track?

The truth is that we can plan as much as we want, but life sometimes happens and it messes up all our plans. Life might create for us a detour that could force us to stop and re-think all our priorities. This detour can take the form of a loss of a job, a health issue, bankruptcy, a loss of loved one, a natural disaster, war, famine, etc. When any of these things happen, our plans drizzle into nothing more than a faint glimmer at the far end of a dark tunnel. Any thought of the future, becomes a small drop in an ocean of present thoughts.  In reality, life’s unplanned detours force us to hit the breaks on our plans for the next month, the next six months, or sometimes even the next week, and our focus is shifted to the problem before our eyes.

We stop thinking of big goals like being better, learning more, losing weight, or getting degree, instead we slim down the priority list we have to include one priority only, the priority of making it out of the maze, life’s detour has presented us with.

The truth is , that getting out of that maze could never happen, if we are stuck at its entrance, feeling sorry for ourselves, and asking  pointless questions of why us, why now, or why not this or that.

I learned that in such situations, we stop even thinking and instead we shift our focus to doing what needs to be done. We even train our sense of determination to take main stage in our minds, so that we push ourselves head first out of that maze.

We become positive that we will get out, and that is how we reach the other end. Looking back on my life, I realize that life teaches us something with every detour it presents us with. It teaches us to do what needs to be done, to move on, and to become stronger people.

I think that when life throws other plans our way, it does that, so that we can go back to our original plans with a clearer vision of how to make them happen. As harsh as life’s other plans may be, I have learned to embrace them.

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