The Only Resolution that Counts

Close to New Years Eve and during the first week of the new year, we all make long lists of resolutions. Some of us want to lost weight, and some of us want to get a promotion. Some of us want to learn something new, while others want to travel the world. No matter how long or short this list of resolutions is, there is only one aspect of it that really counts and that is the effect it will have on our lives. In a nutshell, I don’t think we should ask ourselves what we want to do in the new year, but rather we should really ask whether or not  our actions make us better people.

With that said, my only resolution this year is to be a better person to myself before even being a better person to others.  I want to be very good at what I do, and I don’t say this in search of fame or fortune, but rather in response to my belief in it. I also want to take myself more seriously and educate myself on things I was putting off.

So with this resolve, I started cutting my list of friends short last year, and this is something I will continue this year too.  This is not because I dislike people but rather because I strongly believe that too much socializing with the wrong people doesn’t lead to good results in life. I didn’t cut anyone out of my life completely but many of the people I knew fit nicely now in the “People to hang out with have fun, and go home” category.

The truth is that I started to realize that society is full of toxic people. These are the people who dump their negativity on you, and who insist on making all their problems society’s fault. What is really interesting about such people is their belief that they are blameless and helpless towards their own fate, and I find that I can’t buy into the idea that we are that incapable of achieving better for ourselves. Being ambitious by nature, this passive mode of thought is too destructive to me.

Such toxic people cannot possibly care too much about us, because the people who really care are not the ones who keep telling us that we are fabulous but they are the ones who openly tell us what we can do better. They are the people who inspire us and who lead us with their own positivity towards goals we were unable to achieve on our own.

People can achieve, inspire, and give us clues to success, but the larger burden is on us. So for this New Year I will educate myself more, read more, and work harder and more seriously towards some projects I have put off. After all, my only resolution is to be better than I was in 2018 and that can only be achieved by knowing who and what is good for me. Being a better person is the only resolution that counts, because if we are not better people we cannot have a better impact on our own lives or the world around us.

I hope we are all better people in this New Year

Happy New Year to you all

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