The Wives-Book Review

I started reading this book on a long flight. So, I can safely say that it was entertaining enough to keep me intrigued throughout the 10-hour journey and the five hour layover in the airport. I found it to be a light read. In fact I feel that its plot speaks directly to our human nature to enjoy gossip, humor, sarcasm, and scandal.

The book’s three main characters, Emily, Miriam, and Karolina, quickly grew on me.  I simply found myself laughing at the sarcasm Emily maintained. Her character was an ideal continuation to her persona in the first book in this series “The Devil Wears Prada”. To me, she acted the same way we would expect her to act after leaving Runway and the tight grip of Miranda Priestly.  

But on the other hand, I found myself annoyed by Miriam’s passiveness as a stay at home mom who gave up her a career as a lawyer. While I found myself identifying with her boredom, her need to overeat, and the messy home she lives in with her husband and kids, I also felt that it wasn’t until her husband created an office for her that she was able to take charge of her life. Personally, I would have liked to see her able to pull herself together with her own inelegance. But, then again that’s just me. I’m a strong advocate of the idea that women and men save themselves, and that a relationship should be maintained by two equally strong people.

Finally, I found Karolina and the whole scandal with her husband also a bit overdone. Her husband was depicted to be all bad while she was all good. In reality we live in a world where bad and good are not that clear cut.  This division was just way too easy, and it made that aspect of the plot too predictable for me. The whole time I was reading her story, I was waiting for a major plot twist that just didn’t happen.

However, in an effort not to spoil the plot for those who haven’t read the book yet,  the three very different ladies interacted with each other in some interesting dialogues that are sure to make you smile, so if anything the book was not dull.

However, my general opinion is that many things in this book were a bit over the top. Life in suburbia was depicted to be orchestrated by mindless, look-obsessed women and men who have a high sex-drive and too much money to spare.

 The characters were a bit flat and stereotypical, each acting the way they are expected to, while the description of their clothes, their homes, and their sex-toy parties were too long.  

However, despite the embellished scenes and storylines, the pointless details about what everyone in every scene was wearing, and the predictable nature of the story, this book is a fun read, but that is all what it is. You are not going to finish it with a new outlook on reality.

The verdict to me is that Lauren Weisberger coated a true piece of chick-lit with this book. If this is your thing you will love reading it.

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