What Popularity Really Means


Ever since we were kids, we have always sought to be popular whether in school, among our friends, or in the family. Many of us then moved on to spend a good portion of our adult lives trying so hard to be liked by everyone we interacted with. It is only with time that we may come to realize that being liked by everyone is not only too much work but in reality it isn’t even a good thing.

If we look around us, we can easily notice that the popular people who are liked by everyone are really the same people who just blend in. They dress in the way that is expected of them in society. They lead the lives expected of them and they even adopt the non-problematic beliefs society instills in them.  Their lives are so normal, that they don’t stir anyone’s strong positive or negative opinion regarding their actions and their lives. The phrases we often use to describe those people say it all.

“Rami is a great person, he never upset anyone in his life.” “Amal is an amazing lady, she was kind to everyone and she never said no to anything that was asked of her.”

Let’s compare such people to, for example, Kin Kardahsian. ! Let’s use Kim Kardashian as an example. She may not be my favorite but she isn’t boring. In fact, she is so interesting that she has sparked my thoughts and my opinions although we are at opposite ends of the globe. However, she has also sparked the love of others. Most of us know exactly who she is. She doesn’t really blend in. She may be a lot of things to a lot of people but “meh” isn’t one of them. She doesn’t just lead a normal life and that is why she isn’t liked by everyone. We can say the same about any actor, musician, artist, writer or even politician.  We can also say that about any person who has an opinion and who isn’t afraid to spark opinions either.

If a person is liked by everyone they are not loved except by those who are bound to them by marriage or blood. If you are trying too hard to be liked by everyone it just means that you are trying to blend in, thus hiding your true self. Let’s face it, we all of have our stories, our quirks and our uniqueness. Some of us end up suppressing such core factors of who we are just to fit in. I can even say that most of us spent at least one decade of our lives seeking to be liked by everyone and in doing so we followed what society expected of us.

It is only a brave few who can rise up above this need and say “You know what I am just going to be myself. If people like me they like me and if they don’t they don’t.”

Once we make the commitment to just be ourselves with everything that self entails, to speak our own values and to live our truth, the following happens. Some people walk out of our lives. But we will stop being the people liked by everyone and instead we will become the people who are loved by those who have taken the time to know us. We might be hated by those stuck in the pursuit of fitting in., but either way we will strike a conversation good or bad.

So the big question is, do I want to be just normal and just liked by everyone or do I want to be my true self and to be loved by those who took the time to know me?

Which one would you pick?

Food for thought



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