The Human Emotion Factory


In a world where beauty is converted into an industry and where hair colors are no longer subject to normal pigmentation but rather to a color palette determined by the fashion moguls, it is no wonder that basic human emotions would soon follow suit. Now we don’t say that someone was rude but rather that “he or she is going through a difficult time.” We even attribute every human behavior that doesn’t fit our liking to a disorder.

Let’s not forget those energetic children who were diagnosed with ADD and those moody people who were called people with bipolar disease. Nervous people today are called people with severe anxiety and every one of these claims can be treated with at least one  drug . However, is that really necessary or are we blowing human emotions out of proportion. what we are really doing is that we are  feeding a drug industry and a medical industry with new income generating channels while telling the masses that they are excused for their bad actions.

My personal favorite is the very technical diagnosis we give to simple old fashioned bad human decency or lack thereof  . We call a person who is selfish a narcissist and we even give the same name to someone who overcomes personal insecurities by putting down everyone around him or her. It hit me the other day how we even attribute every complaint we might have about the things bothering us to low self esteem or lack of self confidence and we even find ourselves forced to look for a cause within us to justify why we are upset. If we say we are upset because someone mistreated us, we are forced to look for a deeper cause when there is none.  We might even feel compelled to sit before a professional or even recline on their coach for hours while trying to ponder why we have allowed bad things have happened to us when the reason is simpler than we think it’s life.

While some people may need psychological help, but I can’t help but wonder if it is fair for the layman to label people around him or her with a disease and to even suggest that anyone going out of the norm go see a specialist. The specialist will probably prescribe something that comes in a plastic bottle to solve a person’s concerns or chit chat for long sessions in search for a root cause. The person will become more pleasant until the drug reaction wears off, and from there the cycle continues.

For me it is simple. We shouldn’t be so fast to prescribe anything to anyone and bad behavior is bad behavior it isn’t related to self esteem, self confidence or self actualization and in all cases it isn’t grounds for sympathy.  An abusive person is an abusive person, calling him or her a person suffering from narcissist personality disorder doesn’t make the behavior itself ok.

A person going through a bad time is who he is or she is, this extra piece of knowledge doesn’t make their bad behavior excusable.  While the medical industry has thrived on such labels, what it has done is that it has also given the false promise that every bad behavior can be explained. It has also given so many people careers based on this new revenue generating channel. With new trends in life coaching, psychology, and psychiatry coming out as we speak more people can feed into this new industrial spin on humanity. While a good portion of these professionals are qualified, you will also get the one or two in search for a quick buck.

The end result is that we can all behave badly and claim it is the result of some  disorder we have. But, how true would such an assumption be?


Food for thought

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