Tala’s Timing – A Story of Defining Moments Part Two

As she got up, he followed her. He was shocked at himself as to why he was so intrigued by her. He watched her from a distance as she took photos of  the budding flowers in the grass. After about fifteen minutes of silence, he  then walked up to her to talk , marking the start of another chapter in her life that would change her.

“Are you a professional photographer?” he asked, “No” she replied, “I’m just someone who likes documenting the pretty things I see.”  With these words she went back to taking photos, assuming that the conversation was over.

“I’m Salim,” he said, “Excuse me?” she replied, “My name is Salim,” he repeated, to which she responded with a light nod, setting them off on a dead silence that made the dusk air seem heavier by the minute.

As time went by, Tala felt the air around her choke her. She could still feel the man watching her and she could also understand that it was her queue to say something . However, her months of solitude have stripped her of her abilities to socialize.

Nothing about Salim interested her, as nothing about whole evening seemed noteworthy to her. Part of her wanted to just go home , to just sit in her bed to re-play her past relationship. However, this man was not going away to let her do that.  She felt that she had to say something drastic to make him walk away.

So, she said “Look I’m not good at conversations. I just broke up with someone and I am not in the mood to socialize, ”  Salim stared  at her with bewilderment, and as soon as the words came out of her mouth she realized that she had said too much.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a panic, “That shouldn’t have come out like that. ” “It’s ok, he replied. ” I’m sorry about your break up. It’s his lost. For what it’s worth it’s nice to see an honest girl for a change who says things as they are. ” She smiled and said “I’m Tala,” “Nice to meet you Tala, ” he said.

Then from there they had a full conversation where he told her about his past, she told him about hers, he told her about his job as an architect, she told him about her job as a teacher. They even both realized that they had a shared interest for art. They also both realized that they enjoy going to art galleries anonymously. So they agreed to go together to a gallery opening the following week.  They set the time and date to meet and with that they both parted on their separate ways.

Stay tuned for part three next Saturday

To Read Part One click here


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