Quick Tip: Things You Should Avoid Saying in an Argument

It is not an uncommon fact that arguments are never fun. In fact one is bound to feel drained after a shouting match. But arguments may also  have a funny side to them, as they give birth to the most pointless ridiculous statements, usually said by someone trying to defend him or herself.  So for today, I will list a few of the ridiculous things people say in an argument and I will also tell you why such illogical statements are infuriating to the person listening . So here goes.

1: “It’s not personal”: This is a statement often said to someone asking why they have been demoted, why they are being fired, or someone asking about someone else’s sudden change of heart  . Now if you are using the words “It’s not personal” be ready to see someone scream at you, because such a response is insulting to the intelligence of the furious. After all, the decision is inflicted on a particular person so it is a personal decision against that person. So don’t say to the person who  is angry such words.

2: “I really think you are a good person.” Dear arguer don’t use that one either. You obviously don’t think the person you are arguing with is a good person otherwise you would not be busy arguing with them.

3: “You are being sensitive” I can’t stress enough how wrong such a statement is. It is like someone is telling an angry person that they are wrong for being upset, while  forgetting that arguments are about someone being upset.

4: “Don’t you think you are making a big deal out of this?” say that one and be prepared to run in the other direction. The person in front of you is obviously upset and they want to understand why you are making them angry and to them it is a big deal.

5: “Maybe you are upset about something else?” say that and leave the building not just the room because you might get something thrown at you. Saying that means you are not part of the problem when you are.

So next   time you are in an argument avoid these five statements, as they just make the person you are saying them to even  more angry.




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