Crimes Against the Creative

When you put a creative person in an office environment, you give that person great skills. In fact, the skills a writer, designer, photographer, video maker, or any other creative individual gets from working in an agency, publishing house, design house, or any other corporation for that matter are  priceless. However, there are some corporate practices that  are   crimes against creativity. Here is a short list for you.

 Crime # 1: Keeping the creative person’s hands tied: What many people don’t realize it that a creative person is driven by inspiration, so to tell that person to write, draw, or think in a certain way is like keeping their hands tied. Nothing can infuriate a writer more than telling them to replace words with others that mean the same thing. For example when someone tells you to change the word “use” to “utilize” you can’t help but wonder why, especially when every word you have written sounds great as it is .

Crime # 2: Assuming that anyone can do the creative person’s job. For example, everyone assumes they can write , or use a design software, or hold a professional camera. Sure, we all know how to hit keyboards with our fingers and we do all know how to color. Maybe we can even use Canva to design  and we can hold a camera , but all these skills are quick fixes for a fast task. They can never replace the work of someone who has made creativity a way of life. The crime is  assuming that they can.

Crime # 3: Belittling the job of a creative person. You can’t tell someone who writes that they charge too much money for their services, or to tell someone who draws that they are just scribbling with colors. Nothing insults  a creative person more than telling them that they charge too much or that their job is too easy. The creative output is the small part of the job. The bigger part is inspiration and at times you can’t put a price tag on that.

Crime # 4: Assuming that the creative person is only the executer of your ideas. You should not come to a creative person and tell them I want you to write about a little boy who has blonde hair and blue eyes and say that he went to school and benefited from an education. The creative person is your partner it is his/her job to take your message and make magic happen with his/her ideas and his/her execution.

These are just a few of the practices that may hinder a creative person’s abilities. A creative person should be allowed the space to bring out his/her best. A business person brings in the deals while the creative person, when allowed to be creative, changes the lead into a long term business relationship.

Of course in an ideal world this is what should happen.


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