Twenty Little Things

On days like this one when I am especially tired, I decide not to think too much. So, instead I focus on the little things worth being happy about. My thoughts got me to create a list of 20 such little things and in doing so I realized that we don’t always have to wait for something big or monumental to happen in order for us to take notice. After all, life is about the little things.  Here is my list.

1: The little patch of grass between two buildings in the city.

2:  Seeing that little patch fill up with flowers in the spring time.

3: Waking up only to realize that it’s a weekend and so you go back to sleep.

3: The last French fry that you didn’t notice on your plate.

4: A 1JD bill that you found in the pocket of your jacket from last winter.

5: Finding the boots you were eyeing for months on sale .

6: Having the air hit your face when it is just the right temperature so that it is neither too hot and neither too cold.

7: Getting on the weighing scale and realizing you have lost weight although you were not dieting.

8: Flipping through the channels on your remote control and then suddenly seeing the opening credits of your favorite movie show up on the screen.

9: Getting to the end of a long novel only to realize that it ended exactly the way you wanted it to.

10: Getting an answer to a lingering question.

11: Getting a beautiful message on your WhatsApp.

12:   The smell of the air after a light rain shower.

13: Walking outside and seeing a rainbow.

14: Walking into a warm house after spending hours walking in the rain.

15: That first sip of coffee that wakes you up in the morning.

16: That inner feeling that everything will be ok.

17: The minute after submitting an assignment you have been working on for months.

18: Catching a beautiful sunset on camera.

19: Believing something great will happen.

20: Believing that the world is a good place.

So, what would be on your list?


One Comment Add yours

  1. joelascott says:

    That song you haven’t heard in years yet you magically remember every word when it comes on.

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