Happy Birthday Faces

Today, as I was checking my mobile for notifications from WordPress,  one notification read “Happy Anniversary”  . Today, Faces turns a year older. But, this day is specifically significant this year, because it is the first year I have been taking my blog posting activities seriously.

Since May 2016, I came to the decision that I want to take my writing seriously so I made my first commitment to Faces and that was to write once a week. Saturday was always Faces day. However, I always found it hard to come up with a new topic every week. You see, at the time, I used to think that I needed to seek something unique, monumental, and out of the ordinary. So, I really used to spend too much time during the week writing and re-writing my post. Fortunately by July 2016, coming up with topics became easier or maybe my day to day life became more dramatic, I’m not sure which statement is more true.  My work life was not in its best shape, so I used to always find refuge in writing because it used to help me get my mind off my challenges.

In one evening in August , I decided to re-visit a story which I had started writing titled “Confessions of an Imaginary Friend.”  and I really found myself  lost in  the characters I created . Whenever I write a story, I have no idea what will happen and this was the case in all my fiction attempts. Characters just write themselves and they act according to the personalities they have evolved into. So, I added another day to my blogging activities to accommodate for my new found hobby my story. By August 15th, I was blogging Saturday and Monday , where Monday was for my growing work of fiction and Saturday was for my normal blog post.  By then, finding inspiration became easier because I stopped thinking that I needed to always write about something unique and new. I learned a valuable lesson by then, and that was that our lives contain activities and episodes that everyone goes through. The difference is in how we talk about them.

By August 31, I added a third day to my blogging activities and that was Thursday. So I was blogging Thursday, Saturday, and Monday by then. Feeling pretty anti-social in August I used to spend most of my evenings at home or in a cafe writing.  And, by  mid September my story finished. To me that was an achievement,  because someone told me when I first presented it in writing group that it had no substance. An Imaginary Friend would die and a story would end.  However, based on my new found realization, the ending doesn’t matter. Even if it is the most predictable ending in the world, you can still make a great story if you write using good descriptions.

I maintained my writing routine until 33 days ago, because 33 days ago  I decided that now I am ready to write every day except Friday. There are these days where I really don’t know what to write about, but the minute I start typing an idea comes up. Not all my ideas are spectacular, but I do seriously believe that our day to day lives must have at least one valuable episode in them per day worth noting.

I was asked by many what my blog is about, and I did fall into the trap of trying to define it. Then, I gave up because Faces is about everything and anything. It is about the little things that inspire me in life, the big things that affect my emotions, the events worth noting in my life, and the lessons I learned. So, this year in particular  working on Faces got more interesting for me and the biggest take home lesson for me from it is to write from the heart.  I confirm what I already knew about myself since I was in seventh grade. I love to write.




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