A New Celebrity

Although I am someone who has embraced social media to the fullest, and I can honestly say that I do  believe that  it is a great way to connect to the world, I still feel that it is also home to the new type of celebrity. We all know the  type of celebrity in question.  This is the person who posts and shares too much until he or she  suddenly becomes the object of interest to  thousands of people, regardless of his/her substance.

This new type of celebrity is granted the name influencer and is therefore invited to events, parties, and ceremonies. Such people are not called to events for the added value they bring to the occasion  but rather  for  their fan base and thus the greater level of exposure they provide for brands they are promoting. Now, to be fair some of these celebrities post content  of quality, but what about their counterparts who feel that their lunch, dinner, outfit, favorite color, or location is content that is of interest or value to the masses.

I personally feel that such people feed on our human nature to seek gossip. I mean why else would a post about someone’s pizza, their makeup, their outing in a cafe, or their views on life suddenly be cause for attention ? My personal favorite is the post that says “I am so busy working” . Instantly when I see such a post I feel like telling the person “Yet you managed to find time to be on Facebook to tell us about it.”

When we pay attention to such posts, we  too are fulfilling a need for those people, and that is the need for attention. These people who grant themselves the role of celebrity like to be in the spotlight and our interactions with them give them that role. Remember, we live in an age where self-branding is an actual term and it is a concept taught in school.

But the question is, if we are all busy either branding ourselves or watching people who are also branding themselves , who is out there really posting something of value?

If the social media has become the virtual Hollywood of celebrities or people posing to be celebrities , then aren’t we all just fighting for our space in the spotlight. If anyone can be a star, who is really not worthy?

Once again I love social media but this is just

Food for thought.

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