Do it Anyway

Yesterday, I accompanied my friend to a networking event for women in business. To be honest, I did not think much of the event. I went because my friend asked me if I would be interested in going and I figured why not. Basically , I did not go in there hoping for the groundbreaking experience but the event did exceed my expectations.

The networking meeting was scheduled to be held at Almond Cafe, one of those new cafes in Amman that is quickly but surely becoming a favorite spot for many intellectuals. It was 6:00 in the evening when we arrived but the place was packed with people. Most of these people had either a book, a laptop, or a bunch of exam questions in front of them.

The air was filled with the loud chit chat of the cafe’s customers. In fact, the minute I walked in I thought to myself  how can anyone have a conversation here?

So, I silently followed my friend as she searched in the crowd for a familiar face.

Soon enough we found the group of business women we were supposed to mingle with. They were sitting at a table in a corner, with plates of homemade goodies in front of them. The goodies were mostly made by the lady organizing the event and they were delicious.

My evening started off with me chit chatting with the people I already know. Being a Toastmaster , I was fortunate to find five or six people I knew at the event. But then, as the evening progressed my conversation circle got wider. I ended up talking to a lady who blogs about nutrition, and was thrilled to know that she knows about Faces. I also spoke to a lady who designs bags, and I could tell that she has a great bag collection, as the bag she carried with her was decorated with a very pretty flower design of her own.

I also spoke to several translators and copywriters, a banker, an ambitious lady studying for her CPA, a marketer of medical devices, and many more interesting women. Towards the end of the evening, I also spoke to a very inspiring woman who started off the conversation by asking me what I did for a living . I responded to her question by telling her   my reality. I told her about my reputable full time job where I have the title and the impressive name planted on my CV but I also told her about my other less glamour filled pursuits, listing my ambitions to her one by one.

As I spoke, she listened . Then, when I finished talking she said to me that I will be knocked down and that I will be told that my ideas are not worth it. She then said that the trick is to get back up and make those ideas real despite all difficulties.

Those words stuck to me, and today I look back on the women I met yesterday and, I think that they just followed her advice . If you think about it, they all just had ideas but they worked to make these ideas a reality.

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