25 Days and Counting

Today marks the 25th day of my 100 days of blogging challenge. I started this challenge  not knowing if I will be able to continue, but I’m quarter of the way past the starting point, and quitting now just seems like a silly idea.  Many people would ask me why I decided to do this, well the truth is that I want to get serious about my writing and one way to do that is to make it a daily ritual.

Throughout the last 25 days, I learned that you can find something interesting enough to talk about every day. I found that even when I am out of ideas, I just  start writing and then the ideas come pouring in. In this whole process I found an opportunity to self-reflect, and the verdict is that no day is too boring to the point that it brings nothing worth mentioning.

Not everything I write about is ground-breaking, core shaking, or monumental, but there is beauty in simplicity too. A cup of coffee in quaint cafe or a word said in conversation are acts that command pages of writing for the keen observer.  A smile, or a piece of music can also be enough for anyone to create. . Even the simplest of topics surveyed in lectures can  be thought provoking, and it is with this realization that I find something to talk about and something to perfect my writing with.

Creativity exists in each and every one of us, we just have to sit down and put ourselves in the mood to make it shine. I guess this applies to everything in life, where we achieve only when we  are open to possibilities and only when we are inviting in our time and space to make our hopes and dreams at the forefront of our priorities.

In 25 days, I learned how to write faster, think faster, and  i learned the commitment  one needs to sit down and just write. I realized that in the past I haven’t been more serious about my writing because I thought I was too busy.  However, the truth is that I was busy with day to day life and most importantly, I was too busy creating lame excuses. There is no real excuse for a dream put off. So, today marks the 25th day of my 100 days of blogging challenge  and  I look forward to seeing what the next 75 days will bring .

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