The Secret of Success

I know that you were compelled to read more when you saw the title of my post. After all, we all want to know the secret formal for success. What is really funny about our eagerness to read more on this topic is that there isn’t really anything new to be said about it. In fact, all success stories, are really  recycled mindsets put in a different context.  So, I am not giving you a set of clichés on how to succeed , this is not what this post is about but do read on.

Well you got  here, so I thank you for deciding to take me up on my promise ! Like I said, no formulas here ! Instead, I am going to tell you about my interesting week, where the word perseverance was in the air everywhere. On Tuesday, I attended a Toastmasters meeting where the word of the day was ” perseverance” and on Thursday, a friend of mine and I attended the last day of the “Sheffield Film Days in Amman” where all the movies shown were about the same topic. Maybe the universe was trying to tell us something !

Anyway, the movie evening started off with a collection of short films from the “Jordan Stories” Workshop held in Salt in 2016. All the films were great but one film , in particular, stuck to my mind as it was about a man with Polio who became a champion. Now , to be honest, the guy put me to shame because he was hiking, rock climbing, and even climbing mountains, while I am a lady with no physical disability but yet I still can’t bring myself to walk for more than an hour. For those of you who don’t know me, I am lazy. The longest walks I have taken were those that I was forced to take because I can’t find a cab. For me going to the gym is something I do when I see a number I don’t like on the weighing scale. I am still trying to overcome that but I guess my perseverance levels are not high enough in the area of physical fitness.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder, if we are all born with amazing abilities and if it is only  perseverance that makes some of us stand out more than others?

Never the less, The guy earned my admiration because he did something a person with no disability would find difficult to do.

The feature film for that evening dove more deeply into the topic of perseverance, as it was a 60 minute Documentary that took us on the ambitious journey of Majed and his fellow team members – who are all blind. Despite their difficulties, they set out to establish the world’s first robotics and electronics team for unsighted students which they named the “Basaer Group “

At first, the team had no knowledge on the topic and no support due to the lack of resources at their school. However, with their perseverance alone they  reached the national competition for robots where they won the first place for scientific research. Then, they continued by qualifying to represent Jordan at the INTEL Global Competitions in the United States. So, despite  the difficulties the team encountered, they made it.

Now watching the film was an act of perseverance in itself, as it had minimal editing and a good portion of it was filmed by the visually impaired students themselves. So, at times it felt long with too many details  . Never the less, this doesn’t reduce from the respect and value that the film has.

The lesson I came out with from that evening was that nothing is impossible. Hey!  If a man with polio can hike and students who are visually impaired can win robotics contests, then any other issue we claim to have seems silly at this point. I guess, life is fair , when one sense is taken away from us we probably make up for it with exceptional abilities elsewhere, but only if we want to.

In an interview with those students, one of them said “If the journey is too easy then you won’t feel its significance once your goal is accomplished.” With that said, maybe we don’t really live in a world of have and have-nots, maybe we actually live in a world of will and will-nots.

Maybe life throws challenges at us left and right, but it is up to us to decide whether we are going to stare them in the face and overcome them or whether we are simply going to give up and say we won’t be able to achieve. Like I said before,  I am not going to go into a world of clichés you can read about in any self-help book but I will say, that at the end of the day, we achieve what is important to us to achieve. We make time for what we really want, and we only overcome the difficulties that are important to us to overcome.

Disability or not, perseverance is what makes us achieve our goals. It isn’t our background, our education, our intelligence, or even our luck. Success is wanting something badly enough to go after it wholeheartedly and with perseverance.

To find the definition of perseverance click here

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