Tale as Old as Time

I went with some friends yesterday to watch the much talked-about 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast, and guess what, there is nothing new about the story at all.

It is still a “tale as old as time” about a girl who decides to take her father’s place in the dungeon where he was locked up by a beast.

But to her surprise, the beast is an intellectual who was only turned into a beast because he used to be selfish. Then again, he was selfish because he had issues with his parents. So, to her good luck the beast was a refined and charming character despite his big hairy body and his frightening horns. So, she falls in love with him, and to her good luck he turns into a prince the minute she says “I love you.” She is one lucky girl. How many people can say that they were locked up and that they found true love while imprisoned?

I know this story is an adaptation of a fairy tale, but just for argument sake , what if the beast stays a beast ? I guess it is a “tale as old as time” that films promote  the idea that beautiful people meet other beautiful people and they live happily ever after.

In fact, the closing scene in the movie shows everyone regardless of their age, color, interests, or even sexual orientation finding their match and dancing on a dance floor, emphasizing further that happily every after means being part of a couple. Did anyone notice that the ugliest character in the story was the spinster? Granted the story is not set in the 21st century, but some of these underlying messages could be tweaked a bit.  The new version of the story was able to account for all sensual orientations in order to be politically correct, yet it did not get rid of the demeaning idea that the unmarried ladies are cause for pity.   But, with that said, one knows what he or she can expect to see in a story like this one.

After all, it’s Disney, it’s an adaptation of a fairy tale, so the elements of prince, princess, happily ever after, and love would surely be  there. They are even set to song, where the household furniture sings and dances.

The infusion of comedy in this move is great, especially in the scenes where the war erupted between the castle furniture and the men going to kill the beast. However, it is interesting that a gun appears only in the last scene of fight. One would think that if guns existed, then they should be used earlier on in battle. But, again this is a fairy tale and pretty much anything goes.

The big question remains ! Which one is better? Do we like the animation of the t1990s or this action film? Well, for me I was younger when I saw the animation. Maybe back then I did believe in princes, princesses, and beasts being charming. I remember being more enchanted by it, but never the less, this move was beautifully done, the scenes were amazing, the songs were amazing, and for a musical it did what it was supposed to do.

If musicals are your thing, you will love this movie. It has everything in it to keep you engaged. After all, we did go to the cinema to watch “Beauty and the Beast” it wasn’t meant to be realistic.



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