Do They Really Need One Day ?

Women are the best marketers. They have a “World Woman’s Day”, a “Mothers Day”, a “Woman’s Rights Movement”, and they know how to stand out on these occasions. Don’t worry ladies, I am not saying you are not entitled for all this recognition. So, read till the end.

Mothers  tell their kids at a young age that Mother’s Day is a an occasion set on the calendar  to recognize of all the hardship they endured when they gave birth to them, raised them, spent late nights taking care of them, and educated them. They forget to tell the kids that they needed the man to get them pregnant, the man needed to provide the income or at least contribute to the income they used to  raise and educate them.

On Mother’s Day, moms  market their obstacles . But, they forget to mention that the whole decision to have a child is voluntary. No one forces a mom to have these kids. Birth control does exists in the world. If the pregnancy was not wanted then she could have an abortion. It may not be the most ethical course of action, in my humble opinion, but the option does exists.

But, let us be fair, raising a kid isn’t easy, and in more traditional settings it is the mother’s sole responsibility.

Then again,  in these more traditional settings, the man is out getting the income. He is slaving away in the workplace while she is slaving away at home. So, they both have hardships of their own. She is dealing with the crying baby, the sick child, the school, the homework, and the play dates, while he is dealing with the boss, the job responsibilities, paying the bills, and all expenses that come with ensuring a good life for  her and the crying baby.

Now in less traditional setting, feminists took these hardships faced by women, polished them up, and presented them as cause for a woman’s rights movement. Those women now call for their rights to work, to earn a living, to be treated equally as the man in the workplace, and  yet they don’t market the responsibility that comes with this proposition. Some women turn back to the original proposition that they are women and it is the man’s job to provide for the family, the minute they are required to contribute to a family income.

They want to work, have the career, and have the income, but they still want the man to pay for the kids. They want to earn a salary at the end of the month, but they still want to take pocket money from their parents or husband too. They want to study medicine or engineering, but they still want to pull out the “I am a lady” card whenever their managers talk about staying late, going to the construction site, or taking night shifts in a hospital. Of course, i can’t generalize here. Some women do that but others don’t.

I really can’t help but think that if we are looking for equality, then why, as women, are we also seeking days in which we are given special recognition.

As ladies, what we may fail to realize is that the market is benefiting so much from these holidays. Greeting card industries, flower industries, restaurants, spas, and so many others triple their sales on these days. So, both the male and females population is thriving on this need for  recognition.

However, there are women who are dealing with the kids alone. They are single working moms and in my opinions they are the true heroes.

Joking aside, all moms do work hard. This is not at all an understatement of their efforts. Really, one day is not enough to appreciate them for their dedication to the single hardest job  of  raising the next generation. They don’t need a full marketing campaign, a day on the calendar, or a gift to know show special they are. I would  say Mother’s day is not important because it doesn’t do them justice. Every day should be a day for their recognition.

After all, we are here because a man and a woman decided to have us. We are who we are today, because a man provided with or without the help of the woman, and a woman raised us with or without the man, so to all mothers out there !

Happy Mother’s Day


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  1. No, they do not. I agree, I think that specifying one day seems as if it is a solution for a problem which should not exist in the first place.

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