The Powerful People

In Jordan the Toastmasters are a powerful group of people. However, their power doesn’t come from their family names, their tribes, their background, or their money. It comes from within. In fact, it is the direct product of their ability to employ the merits of good communication in order to deliver a message.


Yesterday, at the Area 56 contest, a contest bringing together powerful members from four very powerful  Toastmasters clubs, anyone who was there was able to see the influence of words put into play. From a speech about the role of women in the society, to a speech about embracing change  emphatic and ironic communication were both used to call the audience to action. In the first case, the action was to inspire women while in the second the action was to embrace change. From  a speech about the quality of life, to a speech about the guests from heaven, these powerful people were able to give a message to the audience using facts and figures, as well as a sentimental story respectively.

The evening also included funnier speeches. Those speeches were  about dancing, a trip to Africa gone wrong, and  the problems caused by a life  dependent on smart phones. However, those powerful yet funny speakers were able to  draw the line between humor and silliness. They made everyone in the room laugh. but it was a laughter with a promise to learn something. In this particular case, the lesson was to believe in the light at the end of a tunnel, to dance away the worries as if no one was watching, and to not live inside a Smartphone.

The speakers also put their critical analysis into play. After hearing a speech about mothers, they evaluated it as they saw it. Each speaker who evaluated the speech, told it as it is. No one was looking to copy anyone else, as those powerful people learned early in life the authenticity of speaking one’s mind.


The powerful people also spoke to the audience about how  they would spoil themselves. One person spoke about self love, another spoke about changing their style of life, a third spoke about a trip to Rome, and the fourth said that she had always been pampered .

Even the contest chairs were powerful people, as they presented their  portions with laughs, jokes, charisma, and confidence.

So, you can imagine how energetic that day was. And why expect any less from a room full powerful people all focused on a stage where powerful statements were made?

The Toastmasters of Jordan are amazing that way. They learned early in life to be fearless, to speak their minds, and to bring value to their words.

As a Toastmaster, I learned that words are one’s secret weapon. They make or break a situation . They build walls or break them down, depending on how they are said. They can lift you up or drag you to the ground. Yesterday, the powerful people knew what words to use and when. I’m sure they did not drag anyone down.


All photos are by

Al Ogbi


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  1. Great piece! I cannot believe two things though: That this good readout of the day is not published to the area or even Toastmasters International, and that you left out a very important detail: That you won first place in two of these contests, which no one else did. Congratulations on winning and on this nicely-written blog.

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