The Spring’s Detour

I have to admit that although this year I was more accepting  than I usually am to  winter, I did however wake up this morning feeling disappointed. I walked onto my balcony and saw a  sky filled with dark clouds, a sun that was shyly trying to peep between the spaces, and a darkness that I had forgot to associate with the early hours of the day. The cold wind hit me in the face, making me  realize  that spring has decided to take a detour.

Winter was back , after a full week of sunshine, a week framed by a pleasant breeze , and just the right amount of brightness filling the city’s corners. The gloomy season won another battle of leadership and it decided to come just to stay a little longer. So, the jackets came out, the umbrellas returned from hiding , and the boots came back on. After all, it was cold and I did not like the idea of cold weather in March.

The minute I  stepped onto the streets of Amman, the sun disappeared completely. The gray clouds became thicker, and darker, as a faint thunder rumbled in the distance. By the time I stopped a cab, the thunder became louder and the wind became fiercer, swaying trees from side to side. A few minutes later, the rain tapped fiercely on the car windows and the wind howled long and hard at everything that came its way.

People in the streets ran for the indoors, as cars stopped in their own tracks. It is funny how each rainfall increases traffic in Amman and this rainfall was no exception. Car drivers were honking, people in the cars were complaining. The wind by now was screeching chants of chaos as and the world was trying not to respond.

Five minutes later the rain stopped, the sun peeped shyly through the clouds again, and the cars drove swiftly. It was as if spring was back again, or at least it was trying to return.

I couldn’t help but notice that the spring’s detour lasted twenty minutes, but in these twenty minutes it managed to change the face of a city. However, the city bounced back as did the weather, and the chaos became a lost memory.

If  only we, like the weather, can bounce back to where we were before our detour, be it a detour in our moods, a detour to anger, a detour in sound judgment, or simply a detour in life then conflicts would be resolved much faster than they are now. If we can change and adapt as quickly as the weather does, then no bad habits stick.

Maybe we should be as flexible as our weather

Food for thought.



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