It’s Thursday

My favorite time of the week is that last minute of the working day on Thursday. It is like the whole world becomes brighter. The  streets are crowded with people , and the whole city is just bursting with life. As you check out of the office, you realize that the next two days are filled with possibilities. After all, with that last check out the weekend has officially begun.

In the streets, cars drive  by with stereos blasting music. Teenagers  crowd the cafes. They huddle over hubbly bubblies, as they gossip about their teachers. 16 year old girls go in packs to the ladies room. They walk in with school uniforms only to leave with a new outfit, makeup , and anything    else their bag can carry.

In the malls, people of all ages fill every floor. Kids celebrate their birthdays in the play area, as an old man and his wife walk hand in hand towards the grocery store. Food courts are packed with families having dinner, and the whiff of French fries envelopes the air.

The lines to the cinema are long. They have young couples eating from one bucket of popcorn as they wait for the movie theater doors to open. A mom with five kids stands behind them, with a bag full of candy. A girl stands alone waiting and trying her best not attract attention to her sole status.

A young man, sits in the outdoor cafe clicking away at his laptop. He doesn’t feel like working on a Thursday but he has a deadline to meet. The streets outside the city are crowded too. All lanes are lined up with cars going towards the Dead Sea, Aqaba, or any other place the people escape to for the weekend.

Some people are sitting at home, just enjoying the fact that they can sleep in the next day, while others are heading towards a concert, an art gallery, a cultural event, a game of cards, a casual evening at a friend’s house,  or a family gathering.

The clubs and bars are crowded too, as people of all ages flock to them to blow off steam.

And of course there are those who are fighting their own personal battles.

No matter who you are or where you are, it is Thursday . Enjoy it, in the best way you can. Enjoy your weekend.

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