An Ugly Charm

While  I was searching through Google for creative ideas, the words “Write about something ugly” stared me in the face. My first impulse was to ignore these words, but then my mind instantly wondered to one particular emotion. I thought about anger.

I think the prize definitely goes to anger as being the most pronounced and least refined emotion, not to mention the ugliest. The emotion gets its charm from its ability to pollute every aspect of  our lives. After all, some of our most profound human discoveries are made either when we are angry or when we stopped being angry. Anger can be loud, it can be cruel, and it can even be funny especially when it is attached to a silly reason.

It is like a whirlwind.  It breaks, destroys, or at best defaces anything it comes across. It leaves issues unresolved, feelings hurt, and people feeling negative. It is so self centered that it demands to be in the spotlight. After all, an angry person is a loud person, an irrational  person, and a person who refuses to see anything or anyone beyond his or her own anger.

Anger gives people fireballs to throw at the world around them, making them say things they regret, do things they wish they didn’t do, and hurt people they wish they didn’t hurt. It burns people physically or emotionally because it comes with unmatched force and strength. An angry person may decide to throw and break things or just hit others with words.

If it is not properly acknowledged, it will stay there. It will whisper in your ear and make you see problems that don’t exist. It will make us refuse sincere apologies, not acknowledge real efforts, and just  ruin good interactions.

But like I said, it is just self centered its strength comes from empty power. The only way it will go away is when you see it, welcome it, talk to it, and tell it to leave you alone. An angry person will never get rid of his or her negativity, unless they acknowledge it and tell it politely to go away.

Anger is just too charming to be left in the background.



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