We are what we believe. We are the traits we allow ourselves to own. If we believe we are good at something then probably we are, or at best we are making the effort to be.

In the past, i always used to tell people that I wrote as a hobby. I used to give a greater priority to the job, the friends, what someone said and what another person didn’t say. My social life was my main focus. I had my blog “Faces” but prior to this summer, I only used to post on it around once a month. I used to think that  no  one read my blog so why write. I even used to feel that it was a bit pretentious to say that I write.

On my Facebook page, I used to say anything and everything about myself. However, I used to fail to mention that I  enjoy writing. I used to feel that this part of my personality was only a minor , not so important detail about who I was.  Then, something this summer happened. I don’t know what it is exactly, but suddenly I remembered this part of my personality which I had tucked away behind being busy. I remembered my blog and I felt sorry for it. If it were a notepad, it would probably be this sad looking object tucked in a corner only to gather dust. I remembered that ever since I could remember, I used to want to write regularly. I used to envy those people who had the discipline to do it.  I didn’t know what their secret was, but I wanted to be like them.   Then one day, I realized that the answer was simple. Those people didn’t have any special power. They just wrote whether they felt like it or not. So, I started to write.

My first commitment was that I will write each Saturday. So, Saturday became Faces day. For the first few weeks of that pursuit, I used to drag myself in the morning to do it. I used to think of topics days in advance. But week after week the thought process became easy and the writing process became even easier. Then, at one point  Saturday to me wasn’t enough. More ideas were filling my head  and I felt that I wanted to write more. So, I made Saturday and Monday my writing days. However, by the end of August, that too wasn’t enough so I started writing three days a week.

With time, I started to feel that this part of who I was became my focus. I didn’t care too much about the need to socialize, the need to go out , or the need to popular. I was still busy as I always am, but I was never too busy to write. I would sometimes start writing without having an idea but then the ideas on the page eventually started to flow.

I started to feel that it is easy to tell people that I write because I do. With time, I got to where i am now, I write every single day. I’m not so deluded, I do realize that not  everything I write is fabulous, but it is something.

At the end of the day, we are what we believe. We are the parts of our personality that we feel we have the right to share. We are the things we do every day. So anyone who believes in something becomes it, because we  become what we feel.

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