An Imperfect Balance

If someone is too happy then they have something to hide. I know that sounds harsh but this is what I truly believe. If a person is in their late twenties or thirties or even older and he or she is only talking about their success, their achievements, their triumphs, and their positive outlook on life then they are probably not telling the world their whole story. They are probably leaving out the parts that make them who they are, because we are all the products of our setbacks.

I believe that by the time we pass the 35 age mark, we all would have racked-up a few setbacks in our honor. Therefore,  anyone who is describing a life that appears smooth and problem-free is not being honest. In their defense, they are not doing anything wrong because it takes a certain amount of guts to talk about the things that make us seem far from perfect,  especially in a world that strongly promotes perfection.

I heard someone talking about the beauty of being broken in a Toastmasters meeting yesterday, and the topic hit close to home.  For some time, I have been thinking about this issue myself and I have come to the conclusion that being broken is inevitable. It is part of growing up and it is part of life. So do beautiful setbacks exist?

Of course when the setbacks happen they are anything but beautiful.  They are terrible, and they even bring the ugliest parts of people’s personalities to the surface. They make people behave in ways they would later be ashamed of, as they have the power to shake a person’s entire belief system , and it is these traits that bring people to the state of being broken.

When we put it that way, there is absolutely nothing beautiful about the cracks and at the time when the actual breaking happens one probably sees nothing beautiful about life. After all, there is no such thing as a problem-free financial loss, a friendly layoff, a sweet breakup, a polite fight, a happy death, a great divorce, a cute war, or an enjoyable illness. All these situations have one thing in common and that is that they leave all the people involved broken.

However beauty comes afterwards. It comes in the realization that the broken need to change something about themselves. It comes with the new and more mature outlook  one has on life. That is why I have nothing against people hiding the parts of them that are broken. It is their way of dealing with the cracks in their world. Something must have happened in their lives that made them feel the need to always appear calm and collected. Each person has a story and this is their way of seeing beauty in their own setbacks.

I guess the beauty of being broken is reflected in a person’s ability to pick themselves up, glue the pieces together and move on with new lessons learned.

After all , “If you want to make omelets, you have to break some eggs.”  Isn’t that how the popular saying goes?


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  1. Great blog! I like how you expressed your critique of those who appear like perfect eggs while no one truly knows what is going under their shell. Nontheless, you were fair to them and you brilliantly highlighted their right to choosem to sweep those broken parts of them under the carpet. I wonder if any of these people can form meaningful relationships with that guise of perfection they maintain.

    1. danafaces says:

      I agree with you . I wanted to point it out because perfection is hard to live up to as it doesn’t exist

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