The Ten Seconds that Matter

Before leaping into any new experience we all live through those ten seconds of self-doubt. For some, those particular ten seconds become the ten seconds of opportunity while for others they become the ten seconds that lead to a life of what if. To spare myself the darkness of wonder, this year I started saying “why not ?” to any new opportunity.

After making this choice, I can safely say that I have enjoyed several new experiences in January and February 2017 alone. In January, I auditioned for a part in a series because a friend of mine said that I should.  I went to the audition with no expectations, as my heart was not set on getting a role.  I read the lines they gave me that day without giving the idea any thought. A few weeks later, I was shocked to learn that I actually did get a part in the series, a small part in one scene, so I guess I must have done something right. If I let the voice of fear win, then my ten seconds of self- doubt may have prevented me from going, as I was sitting with a fiend before the audition drinking coffee and really contemplating just enjoying an evening of chit-chat instead.

When I did get the part,  I lived through another ten seconds of self-doubt, as acting is really not for me.  Then,  I thought to myself that it is one scene , one day, and a few hours of my life, so I agreed to do it. This year, I also participated in a laughing flash-mob which proved to be a fun experience , but of course for ten seconds on the day I was wondering why I should go and what laughing in public could possibly do for humanity. However, I learned that laughing is contagious and one should go for the new and exciting.

Similarly ,I was asked at work if I would be interested in taking a digital photography class. In my ten seconds of self-doubt, I wondered why I should., but then  I figured that no class could possibly be useless. Even when I decided to do this 100 days of blogging challenge for myself, I wondered if I can pull it off. However, I realized that  I do find something to write about every day.

Sometimes those ten seconds of self- doubt hit us when we come face to face with bigger decisions than those related to a new experience or a day of fun. Sometimes they are the same ten seconds that prevent us from quoting a job we don’t like for fear of unemployment. They stop us from going up and talking to someone we always wanted to talk to for fear of rejection. They prevent us from asking for an opportunity to prove ourselves for fear of being met with harshness. They sometimes even stop us from living our dreams for fear of failure. However, this is not to say that just going for things doesn’t lead to disasters at times. Disasters do happen, I can tell you that, but at least after each mishap we come out stronger and we know more about what doesn’t work for us.

These ten seconds are the only ten seconds that matter in any decision we make. They are the ten seconds that separate those who take risks from those who play it safe.

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