My Secret

A group of friends were discussing the book “The Secret” in front of me and whether or not it describes a realistic concept. Of course I’m sure that a part inside each and every one of us wants the idea it advocates to be true. We  all want to believe that wishing for something badly is enough for it to become a reality. Intrigued by the idea, I went home and I decided to brush- up on what knowledge I have gained from the book. After all, it has been many years since I had first read it. So, here is what I remember and here is what I think

The book advocates gratitude, whereby the author of The Secret says that when you think about what is not working in your life you attract more of it and when you think about what is good in your life you will attract more of that instead.

To me, the concept of good and bad works like this; if one obsesses about what is wrong in their lives then he or she have very little time left to enjoy what is right. In the past I used to obsess but now I realize that this is a pointless practice that will never make a problem go away.

I don’t think that “The Secret” is so much about us attracting good or bad things but it is about focusing on the good things rather than the bad.

I do however, agree that thoughts are things and this is a central idea to the whole “Secret” analogy. What we think of ourselves determines how we act, the risks we take, and even the people we bring into our lives. The minute we raise our self-worth we start to befriend the right people and more importantly we start to openly ask for what we need and what we  want..

The book does have many other great ideas in it as it advocates taking care of yourself, doing what you love, and discovering your purpose.

However, I think  that the “Secret” is this, if we really want something then we sub- consciously make it our priority. We invest more time and effort in it , and we do get it at the end. Believing in ourselves  is the force that makes us run after our dreams.

Re-visiting this book after many years made me realize just how much I changed. I used to think before that I had to see something before I believe it, but now I really believe before I see.

Do I really think that if I want something I attract it, I would love to but I still take such ideas with a grain of salt. Instead, I like to believe that we are responsible for our choices and our actions and the related results. This makes me more committed to doing the right things for me and knowing that if I do everything I should do I will get everything I should get.


You can read more about the Secret here.


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