25 Minutes Late- A work of fiction

Creative challenge #2- Today the creative challenge was to write a story using every sense but sight. This is what I came up with.

“Thank You” said the automated attendance system in its robotic tone. The doors clicked open, and Karma’s high heels patted the hard wooden floor leading to her desk.  She slipped a quick “good morning” as she sat herself in her chair and almost simultaneously  switched her computer open. The room was silent. All she could hear was her colleagues’ fingers as they danced on their keyboards. Together, against a lull of groaning hard-drives, the fingers played a symphony of clickty cluck clickty cluck each  hitting keys each at a different pace. At the far end of the corridor a kettle bubbled in the kitchen, as three girls engaged in a conversation about boots, scarves, hats, and winter fashion. The steaming hot water slivered into three mugs, and soon a spoons tinkled as they stirred the hot coffee. Sitting at her desk, Karma could smell the whiff of coffee tickling her nostrils. Yet she felt tied to her chair. After all, she had arrived 25 minutes late to the office, and was too busy putting on the “model-employee’ act to attend to her caffeine needs.

She then blundered through the papers on her desk, allowing them to wrattle in her fingers. Eventually, she found a paper she was looking for. She grabbed it and tapped her email open. She then set out to respond to all pressing issues that were meant to be taken care of 23 minutes ago, while also responding to all the questions thrown her way by quiet yes’s no’s and maybe’s.

A girl in the same room started crunching at cucumbers and carrots, as two male colleagues started discussing a video game. At the same time, the office door buzzer let out an impersonal buzz, and almost instantly after that, the phone next to her Team Leader rang. Five minutes later, all Karma could hear was the Team Leader violently ripping plastic wraps off sandwiches from a restaurant nearby, and the scent of fried eggs and sausages soon filled the air.

Interrupting the in-office breakfast feast, the Department Head walked into the room. As soon as he walked in he started dispensing orders to each employee. In his authoritative tone, he gave a monologue about deadlines. True to his form and position, he ended his talk by giving this team a deadline that left them with no room to discuss video games, fashion, or anything. Just as he was leaving the room, he said “Office attendance is a very important factor in our evaluations. I hope everyone remembers that.” As his footsteps faded  in the corridor, Karma’s fingers hit her keyboard harder and faster than before. She put on her headset to focus, allowing song after song from decades she was embarrassed to tell others she admires to play. Somehow she knew that the attendance remark was directed towards her.

Her colleagues made fun of the Department Head and his over confidence, but they all knew in their own minds that this was not going to be a pleasant day.


A few days ago me and a creative writing partner decided  to set out to do creative writing challenges. More challenges are to come.


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