Losing It

For those of you who don’t know me personally, for years I have been talking about losing weight. But, for years, I have also been failing miserably at that pursuit. You see,  I am a recovering stress eater. If something stressed me out, I ate. Now, this would have been fine if I was not a recovering joy eater as well. If something made me happy , I also ate. I was also a group eater, if the group is eating I joined in and ate with them. I was  also a lover of fine dining, restaurants, and trying new dishes on menus, so I ate and ate and ate.

As you can imagine, the combination of all these facets of my personality were not really helping my eating habits.

I didn’t realize the magnitude of this problem, until one day the weighing scale screamed a number at me I had never seen in my life before.  When I first saw that number, I blamed it on the jacket I was wearing so I took off that jacket . Naturally, the number on the scale didn’t budge, so I took off the shoes I was wearing as well, but still the number did not change.  I realized then that that number was me. It was a number marking years of  pointless eating. Fortunately, I didn’t wallow in self pity. After all, that number was mine.  It was the result of  my own actions. So I simply and calmly decided to accept it and re-think my habits.

So, for 2017   I set up some ground rules for myself.!  I took the decision to only eat when it is absolutely necessary. I also decided to  limit the fizzy drinks to one diet coke a week. I now only order salads in restaurants and I  pack a homemade meal to work. I don’t eat from the buffets set up in meetings, events, or social gatherings and yet I didn’t set a diet for myself. The word diet makes me crave everything I am not supposed to eat, so i decided to abandon the whole diet idea.

Now three weeks into this challenge,  people are telling me I’m losing weight, although I’m not really dieting. I also looked at my balance statement from the bank and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I’m  saving more money than I expected. I guess I was spending a good portion of my earnings on eating out.    I am also learning that it really isn’t true that there is nothing to do in Amman besides eating, as I entertain myself at movies, events, and social gatherings that don’t involve food.

There is nothing bad about re-thinking our habits and setting up new ones . When there is something we need to change about ourselves,  the best thing we can do is to be honest about it change it. At the end of the day one should take responsibility for his/her own actions. I did not gain weight because of stress, or the people I went to restaurants  with, I gained weight due to the ways I chose to deal with my free time and my challenges. The reason I am writing about this is so that  I make sure this challenge is documented . With it being documented, the competitive side of me will ensue that I stick to it as I am a sore loser and I hate failing at things.

So, one month from now, February 22, 2017 I will tell you how things are going in this new interesting pursuit. In the mean time, I will go back to writing about other things.

Stay tuned for Losing It, Part Two.

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