The Best of Times and the Worst of Times!

“It was the best of times and the worst of times.” I guess this phrase by Charles Dickens pretty much sums up my summer last year. My life was not really in its best of shapes and it is from its challenges that this story begins.

I think it is during the worst of times that we are open to trying anything that comes with the faint promise of making us feel better. Our attempts to take ourselves out of our own bad moods usually come with the best of experiences and I really feel this is what this phrase by Charles Dickens really means to me. In my case, my worst of times pointed  me in the direction of mediation, energy, and many things I would have never even tried to understand otherwise.

This interesting journey started in August, when I was talking to a friend of mine who, at the time, was living overseas. During a random conversation which I don’t even remember right now, he suggested I try it out.

Now, prior to that point, I never would have even thought of the idea. The whole prospect of closing my eyes, breathing, and listening to someone telling me things was a joke to me. I did go to art therapy, color meditation, and finger painting before. However, the art part of it was always more fun than the actual meditation. In fact, the meditation sessions themselves made me laugh or at best they put me to sleep. That was who I was in July.

Anyway, in my friend’s sincere wishes to give me sound advice, he told me to contact someone from the Thea Soul-Chology center. I told him I would, but to be honest I had the full intent of ignoring his idea.

Then, came a day when things got really bad  in my life. The sadness was turning me into a woman who was not sure of her own skills at work or her good qualities as a person . I was getting  really depressed and I think at that point, I just felt that I really needed to hold onto something to keep me grounded. So, I remembered my friend’s recommendation and   I made the call and set a date to meet with one of the center’s founders.

I said to myself, my life isn’t going too great now so how much worse can it be, “If it’s a joke, then it’s a joke and if it’s not it’s not”. 

 With no expectations, on a hot Saturday Afternoon in August I went to the center to meet Dana. She started telling me about Reiki and energy and meditation but I was still not buying it. To be honest, I liked her as a person more than the knowledge itself.

However in that session, she did say interesting things about life coaching and life in general, so that aspect kept me engaged. In my state of uncertainty I decided to sign up anyway. I said, what is one hour in a person’s busy week and that is how I started going to Thea Soul-chology center every week.

During the few weeks that followed, the studious part of me was driven to read more on the subject of energy heeling and I found the reading interesting. My need to feel fine was the only motivation at that point that made me follow the instructions given to me to the smallest detail. I guess at the time I was just making a deal with myself that goes something along the lines of “Listen to the people who know better, do as they say and hope it works.”

It wasn’t until around the fourth or fifth session that I started to feel calmer. I even remember sitting at home one evening while watching a movie and thinking to myself, “hey I feel fine. I haven’t felt fine in a while, something must be working somewhere.” Around that same time, my problems started to subside and I was sure by then that I was going to move forward. At that point, I was sold. I was not sure what it was but there was something about these sessions that was working for me and I was not going to question it.

As the weeks went by, I started to learn more about myself from these sessions. I started seeing that I do have dreams to work towards. I was getting more sold on the idea to continue. I was no longer going just because I was hoping to feel better. I was now going because I actually feel value in these sessions. The weekly sessions became a staple in my schedule that I actually looked forward to. I was slowly but surely starting to feel more like myself again. In my day to day life, I started re-building my confidence. I started going out more, moving forward and socializing. I was learning more from the sessions in the center about how to look at things, to look at myself, and to be ok with aspects of my personality I was being too hard on myself about. Something was making me feel positive again and whatever it was I was just going to embrace it and enjoy it.

In mid-September, I ventured to go to the center’s group meditation sessions  as well. I remember that my biggest concern before my first session was not to burst out laughing or fall asleep. I remember that I hardly bonded with anyone in these sessions at first. I  just used to go, sit, meditate and leave, but with time I also started liking the group of people who went to these sessions  . There was something very positive about the setting, the people, and the whole Monday activity that kept me interested.

I  am now someone who believes that there is something good in meditating, learning about energy, and just being in places that inspire positivity. I also know that having a plan for where you want to go and what you really want in life is important too and these are all things I learned in the center. Am I going to go join an Ashram anytime soon? The answer is no. But this is a great center for people like me. The team running it are amazing people who accept you for who you are, as you are, and who do what they do with love and dedication. They do it because they believe in it and they sell you the idea just based on their own enthusiasm. Do they add to people’s lives? Well I can say that they added something to mine. At least now, I see myself in a totally different light and my life is full of  possibilities.

Maybe we need to go through the worst of times, to come out of them as the best versions of ourselves or at least to evolve into people working towards becoming the best versions of ourselves. . Maybe life throws a place, a person, or an idea in our path just to make us reconsider or reexamine who we are. I guess things do happen for a reason and the universe does know what it’s doing when it comes to our lives. So, why not take on a new idea. I’m glad I did.

To learn more go to the center’s about page on Facebook

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