The Full Spectrum

When I think of the last year, I feel many different emotions. Not all of those emotions come with the warm fuzzy hue of love and content. For some time, I was even unable to pinpoint if 2016 was really a good or bad year for me. While some things are good about it, others are not so great. I would say that the last year was a 50/50 split between positive and negative. Maybe that is why I was unable to write my reflections on last year, until actually being four days into the new one.

If we were to talk about the world at large, I would say that the world had seen better years. This part of the globe is still a hub for conflict, war, destruction, and socio-political and economical unrest. But then again, the struggle for power has been the oldest struggle engaging mankind since the beginning of time. Whether we like it or not, everyone is seeking their place in the spotlight, and the spotlight is saturated with conflicting interests. This applies for both individuals and nations at large. Sadly, some nations found their place in the spotlight and others are still struggling to find theirs. Let us hope that in the next twelve months more members of the human race emerge happy. Being only four days into the new year, we can’t do more than hope.

On the personal side, I thought I was losing my place in the spotlight. I felt that some aspects of my life were on the line in the summer but it was these challenges that had made me change. In the midst of challenges, we often discover   some loopholes in our own behavior that we need to work on, and I really believe that it is ok to discover that you had been hurting your own well-being by certain behaviors and certain communications .To me the upside of an unpleasant moment of self-discovery is, the first step towards positive change.

After recovering from the initial shocks caused by your own wrong beliefs and reactions, then you might smile and say Aha! Now I know and now I can change. From there, things can only get better.

As is the case with most human beings, I lost friends last year and I gained others. I got some things all wrong and I got other things right. I discovered new interests, and let go of others. I became more ambitious about some pursuits and became less ambitious about others. But, most importantly I come into this new year full of hope and with many exciting projects in the making.

So, if I evaluate my life last year, I would say it covered the full spectrum of emotions. After all, we, as people , are works in progress. And, as long as we can remain fueled by our own dreams and ambitions we can continue  to write more compelling and engaging chapters in our life story.


While writing this I saw a rainbow outside



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