The First Rain

The rain tapped on her umbrella as cars aimlessly  swished by. With each minute passing, her toes got colder. After all, her tall boots kept them dry but they didn’t keep them from getting numb. Her hair blew in the wind, as she clung to the wooden handle of her umbrella more tightly.  Car headlights illuminated the dark winter night, giving the air a grayish glow. Drivers were getting more agitated as they tried to remember how to drive in the rain. This is the way it is in Amman, with the first rainfall it takes our people  time to remember driving in the rain.

The neon store signs shone bright, but the stores themselves were dark with emptiness. As time passed by, the clouds in the sky got thicker, shielding a shy moon trying hard to shine.  The girl stood in the rain, as five taxis drove passed her, each ignoring her plea for them to stop.  The drivers too wanted to get out of the rain, even if it meant leaving this young lady in the street alone. Half an hour later,  a taxi driver did  stop . He too took advantage of the rain , negotiating  with her the price of his ride.  Finally, they both came to an agreement.

His car smelled of wet air and stale cigarettes. as he himself sat in a cloud smoke. Next to him was  an empty pack of cigarettes, and a plastic coffee cup filled with cigarette ashes floating over cold coffee.

Beyond the warm dry air blowing from his car heaters, the streets of the city were crowded. Cars were mal-functioning , and the traffic lights could barely be seen in the fog. At times the rain banged furiously on the car windows, and at other times it slowed down. Sometimes the raindrops came as small and fast thrusts, and at others they made big and blobby splashes at the windshield. The wind howled and the rain bellowed.. The trees swayed, as they tried to hold on to their roots in the earth. Most  people took to the indoors that night, leaving the summary outdoors behind them as a memory to be re-visited many months later.

It was one of those nights, calling for a movie , a hot drink, and  a warmly lit room. It was a night for a good book, a warm blanket, and maybe toasted bread on the fires of a Gas heater. That night, winter came to Amman with a bang, giving an opening act filled with action.

Winter officially started this year, last night on December 1, 2016 with heavy rains. If you were in the streets I’m sure you too saw it.

Happy Winter




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