No, this post is not about falling in love or falling off the roof of a five-floor building, although both subject matters would be dramatic enough to write about. This post, is about Amman falling into the fall season.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a hater of the fall and an even more passionate hater of the winter. I used to even go into denial about the weather turning cold, hoping that in doing so I could savor the last fleeting moments of summer just a little longer. I used to get depressed about daylight savings, and I used to feel a deep sense of melancholy wash over me whenever I saw the sun setting at 4:30 pm.

This year, however, something has shifted inside me and I don’t know what it is  but I am actually starting to love Amman in the fall. For the first time in my life, I am actually starting to see beauty in this change of season and that couldn’t be a bad thing.

I am starting like the site of this city at 6 am, especially when the sun has risen just high enough to give the buildings, the streets, and the trees it taps a soft yet warm golden glow. I am starting to see that there is  profound beauty in the clouds as they mesh with the sun to form their own collage of white orange and purple. There is something inspiring about leaving the office at 5 pm when the sun has just set and the sky is not quite black but navy blue.

For the first time in my life I didn’t feel bad about the first rain showers tapping at my window. They hit the streets gently enough to make a pattern of wet and dry asphalt, while leaving the air behind them smelling fresh with a hint of damp.

To me this fall brings with it  a sense of rejuvenation  in the cool night air. The weather is just right, as it is still not too cold to sit outside but yet cold enough to require a warm cup of tea in your hand and a jacket on your shoulders.

As the orange glow from the street lamps rises up into the dark sky as early as 6 pm it welcomes with it the long hours of the night . The streets of the city are now quieter, as the tourists are now in their homes and the students are back in their schools and universities. The cinemas, the malls, and any warm indoors slowly become the new popular spots , leaving  the parks become vacant to the falling leaves and lonely birds.

The  jackets, scarves and sweaters make their journey from the suitcases where they were stored all summer and into the cupboard where they hang in hopes that their creases and wrinkles would flatten out.

Gone are the days when we meet our friends for fruit cocktails in the garden, only to be replaced with many days to come where we will meet in a coffee house inside. The waiter will take our orders of hot yet thick Italian sounding coffee beverage from the menu and the  sounds of different conversations from crowded tables will fill the cafe walls. Gone are the ice cream cones making way for the slices of chocolate cake and gone are the cold smoothies, making way for sahlab.

Now, the tables will be set to include a soup bowl with every meal, as  dishes like lintel soup, beans, and other energy generating foods will become the new staple on the menu.

At night the gas heaters are switched on to warm the chilled walls, as the ACs are turned off. Nights indoors watching movie after movie  and reading book after book, will bring with them a sense of solitude, but that solitude will come wrapped in a warm blanket.

Amman has definitely fallen into the fall this November, and I think it looks beautiful for the first time in my life. After all, things do change in life and it is up to us to fall into this change .

Maybe it is time for us to  welcome a change. Let’s hope for the best.


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