Confessions of an Imaginary Friend-The Last Part

Today, my time is up. It is my friend’s seventh birthday and I had made a promise to myself to leave on this day if she doesn’t talk to me or even believe in me. Well, for the last few months I had officially turned invisible in her life, but as an imaginary friend I stayed around just to be sure that my work is done.

Well, I confirm today that my work here is done. So, I watched my friend sleep for one more time. I had went over our memories together for one last time. She was an amazing friend. I will always remember our journeys to the candy land and the rainbows. I will remember our rides on  the unicorns, and the tooth fairy. I’m not upset or offended, this is all part of growing up and I know that as the days go by none of these memories will mean anything to her. In fact, I am happy that she grew up healthy.

On our sixth birthday this same day last year, we planned everything together, but  this year she is busy planning things with her friends at school. She is also planning things with her mother who ordered a cake looking like one of the Disney princesses that she never told me she was fond of.

I should feel happy though because I know in my heart that I was the perfect friend throughout this whole time and as a good friend I should take my queue and leave when my time is up. After all, it is not in the imaginary friend’s code of ethics to stick around for longer than our time. Ethically we should learn to let go and to allow our friends to grow into fine adults without us. My time with my friend  was great and yes she is a great kid. She will be a great young lady, maybe a great mom, a great wife, and a wonderful woman. The future has a lot to tell and I look forward to seeing how her fascinating life story unfolds.

But, I want to let you in on a little secret, as imaginary friends we never leave . We do stick around, but as the years go by we transform ourselves into that voice of reason that one might hear in their heads. We can’t talk to our friends directly as they grow older because society tells them that talking to an imaginary friend makes them crazy. So to respond to the demands of society, we  give them a gut feeling when something doesn’t feel right or when something does. We can’t force our friends to talk to us or to listen but we are there and we are always looking out for the people we love. So remember that dear reader whenever your gut is telling you something. Listen to it.

Anyway, for today I bid this girl farewell and I move on to be an imaginary friend to another kid who needs me. But, while I am doing that I assure you that I will stay in her life, ready to nudge her or to be her voice of reason whenever she chooses to listen. She won’t listen to me all the time, but that too is part of growing up. She will make stupid mistakes which she will learn from.

So  today I will say

Goodbye my friend

Happy birthday

Happy life

And I will always be there for you

Marlin left her friend on the morning of her seventh birthday and her friend moved on to celebrate one birthday after the next. Her friend is an adult now . She has become an author who still listens to Marlin who has now dissolved into a gut feeling, but she really doesn’t know that her gut feeling is that same imagery friend she had from childhood.

The End


To read the full story click here


A personal note

Finishing this story was great achievement for me, as I started writing it in 2015 in response to a writing prompt which I played with  as an assignment for a writing group I had with some friends.  For  almost a year I left this story, as I had no idea what to do with it. A few weeks ago , I decided to work on it more. To be honest I never have any idea or plan regarding how my stories will turn out. They write themselves.  I am happy that I was inspired me enough to complete this. If I learned something from this experience, it’s just that you have make the decision to continue what you started and in most cases you do and you have fun on the way. Whether this story is good or not, I leave that to you as the reader to decide but for me this story does have a sentimental value.




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