Confessions of an Imaginary Friend-Part Eight (One part before the last)

My friend grew taller , but I stayed the same size. She got new clothes, yet I still wear the same clothes from last winter. These days, she doesn’t speak to me at all, so my days in her room are getting quieter and longer.

The last real connection we had was when her first tooth fell out. Since then, she had lost two more but she saw the tooth fairy all by herself. Now, I try to talk to her but she doesn’t listen. She doesn’t tell me that I don’t exist, but I know that she believes it.

She plays with her friends at school, her neighbor and her cousins but she doesn’t play with me. I wonder if she even sees me. I ask her but she doesn’t even look in my direction to respond.

I pass my days in her room, stuck in our memories. I guess this is how things end for all imaginary friends. There comes a time in every kids life, when he or she just feels that they have no space for us in their future dreams.

I have learned to live with that. After all, I knew this was going to be my end. I’m an imaginary friend and I am not meant to be by anyone’s side forever, not as an imaginary friend anyway but I will leave that little detail for a later time. It breaks my heart that she just doesn’t need me yet I am proud of her. I am proud of the big girl she has become. I can see now that she will be ok in this world and so my job is done.

I would never leave if I felt that she won’t make it on her own, but I am sure she will. She is happy, healthy, and she has a good head on her shoulders. She is even beautiful, and I know that she will have lots of boys chasing her. She is smart, so I am sure that she will be successful in her life.

Now that I can make such confirmations, it is time for me to let go. I will be saying goodbye, next week on her seventh birthday. Unless of course she invites me.

I don’t think she will.

But that too is ok, this is how life ends for us as imaginary friends. We can’t fight the inevitable.

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