A Lame Excuse

I haven’t been writing for a week because I was too busy ! But then again,  I wasn’t too busy to go to a toastmasters meeting, or to socialize, or to work, or to eat but I was too busy to write so, that is really a lame excuse.

Lately I am learning that the words “I was too busy” serve as the lame excuse we make for ourselves when explaining why we hadn’t achieved our dreams. For example, I used to put off working on my blog for years saying that I was too busy with  work. Sure, work is important and it pays the bills but it is not more important than achieving dreams. So, this year the most important step I took was to make work stay at work, unless there is an emergency. Because life is too short and I don’t want to be 70 and realize that I did not become the writer I want to be. I make it a point to blog three times a week, and I am learning that this is doable because to me it is important.  This week I had a bit of a relapse  back into my old ways, but I stopped myself today. That was a close call.

Similarly, I  have been trying to diet for years but my lame excuse was that I like food and I hate the gyn. But,  lately I am thinking that if I really believed in that goal I could have made time to work out and I could have made healthier food choices.  So I started taking this goal more seriously, and guess what I realized ? I realized  that I do have time to work out. Working out only involves me getting up an hour earlier and actually getting out of bed to do that. I realized I can eat healthier by packing healthy food to work and not eating junk.


My third lame excuse was made towards my PMP exam. You see, I took a PMP course and  I had been putting off taking the exam for months saying that I don’t have time to study, But, lately I am thinking that too is very silly of me. I can study for one hour a day and I would be able to take the exam by the end of October.

The truth is that we tend to use the word “I am busy” \way to often when we are not busy to do other things in life. Furthermore, we blame our inability to commit to a goal on the people around us when it is no fault but our own.

Let’s admit that we all at some point or another said “I’m spending too much time with my friends and they stopped me from achieving my goals”  In such a statement we are negating our power as adults, because as consenting adults no one can stop us from doing, saying, or being anything.



For example, I used to believe that my outings with my friends made me eat unhealthy food , but then again none of my friends dragged me against my will to a restaurant.  No one ever  forced me to eat. None of my friends shoved food down my throat , and none of my friends forced me to go out when I should be concentrating on anything else. As adults we should take responsibility for our own choices . Our friends can suggest but they can’t force us to do anything.

Our lame excuses also follow us to the work place. After all,  it is human nature to blame our boss for the promotion we didn’t get or the unfair procedures for the deadline we didn’t make, when in reality if we really wanted to make that deadline or get that promotion we could have worked harder, been nicer to the boss, and we could have accounted for the long procedures in our plans.  If it was important to us we would have achieved our eork’relayed goals.

We also use lame excuses to define our economic status. We use the words  “I have no money” . In reality  if we want to make money, we can put in the extra hours, do exceptional work, and actually  take on more than one job. We could save and we could make less costly life choices.We  blame the economy when in fact there are ways to go around poverty , if we really want to.


As people, we achieve what is important to us. We give priorities for the things we really care about. As adults we only have ourselves to blame for anything we wanted to achieve but we failed to.  I am firm believer in doing everything you need to do to achieve your goals as it is only when we do everything we need to do that we succeed. The only excuses we can allow for ourselves are those that go beyond our control like war, famine, or natural disasters. Other than that, nothing could stop us from achieving our dreams.

Any excuse we make is nothing but a lame excuse.


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