Confessions of an Imaginary Friend-Part Six

dark-sad-fairy-wallpapersDear reader, I want you to know that I love my friend. After all, she created me . I was made to look, act, and dress the way she wants me to. My job is to be there when she is lonely. Of course, I am the imaginary friend and this is what I do. But, how is an Imaginary Friend supposed to feel when they are not loved back?

Am I supposed to just leave or should I stay and hope for a change ? The winter has turned into spring and my friend  has packed her winter coat, boots, and gloves. But, she forgot to tell me to pack mine too. I am dressed in winter clothes till now! I know that you would probably tell me to stop being needy and to just change my clothes myself, but I can’t help it. I am not a regular kid who can do these things for herself.  She needs to do these things for me.

Lately, her interests have changed and I fear that I am no longer one of her interests. You see, she  made friends with the neighbors’ son who is also our age.  Now,  they spend their afternoons riding bikes, playing ball, and  playing tag with the other boys. She is not interested in her dolls anymore. She is more interested in playing games with other people. She believes now that fairies don’t exist and the fairies in Candy Land have flown away in search of new magical places created by other kids. Candy Land is now an empty place, where the candy is left to dry . The unicorns have fled too. They too have gone to build memories for other kids who believe in them.

My friend joined the school basketball team, so for three days a week she doesn’t come home from school until very late.

She is turning into a tom boy, and I sometimes wish I was Mark instead of Marlin. If I was a boy, she might have still been my friend and we might have gone to the places where little boys go to with their imaginary friend.  But. of course I can’t turn myself into a boy unless she asks me to. And, so far she hasn’t asked me to. You see, this is my big problem. She  hasn’t been asking me to do anything lately!  I stand on the sidelines of her life watching her as she grows taller and as she changes her interests day after day. I wish she would tell me to leave, but she doesn’t and I don’t understand why !

I even stand on the sides of the basketball court waiting for her to ask me to join the game but she never does. One day  I even asked her if I could join the game  but she said,  “go away, you don’t know how to play.”.

On that day I asked her “Should I go away for good? ” but she said “No Marlin, I’m so sorry please stay.” So, I am still here. waiting for her to need me.

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