Confessions of an Imaginary Friend -Part Three

I can’t wait for the winter break. Three months into the school year and I have already changed my appearance three times. My friend cut my golden braids so that my hair looks more like her classmate’s. She even made me change out of my purple dress and into a red one, because she likes red now. On rainy days, she dresses me in a coat because everyone wears coats in winter and on warm days, she dresses me in sandals just like hers. I can’t remember when she started demanding that I look like everyone else. I miss the days when I used to be special. I miss being the friend  with magic shoes and a set of powers that no other kid has. Now, I am just normal and I have no choice but to obey. I am the imaginary friend so I have to be everything my friend imagines me to be.

I don’t go with her to school anymore. Instead, I wait at home alone on her bed in silence . We don’t play until she comes back. You see, I am now not needed in her school because there  is no room for me in her active school life. She has friends now and if I try to talk to her she hushes me. I feel she doesn’t want to talk to me in front of others anymore., She even forgets that I am there when she is around people.

The last time, I went with her to school I remember spending the whole day alone on the front steps of the building. I was only useful when she was called to the principal’s office for  talking in class. Of course she wasn’t talking to me, she was talking to her friend Rasha. That day, as she sat on the naughty chair, I sat next to her. I saw her cry for being punished . I made her forget her sorrows by taking her to happy land, a place far away where everything is bright yellow and everyone was in the shape of a yellow smiley face.  As we sat in the chair, we pretended that a bucket of yellow bubbles fell on the principle’s head. The bubbles then burst open only to fill  her hair with egg yolk and yellow sauce. We laughed about it so much, that the principle noticed . She was furious, so she  shouted at my friend for giggling during her detention.  That was the last time we ever went anywhere together.


Even the games we play changed. We don’t go to the land of the fairies and we don’t play anymore with the unicorns. Instead, we pretend we are characters from Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins or any other cartoon she sees on TV. I once asked her if we can go fly with the birds across the Rainbow .  She looked at me with irritation as she said, “Marlin don’t be silly, people don’t fly to the rainbow. The gravity will make them fall”. I thought to myself  “Oh no, she learned about Gravity, now she understands that people don’t fly.” . But I still really wanted to go, so  I said to her “Let us pretend that we can fly.”, but she replied “Pretending is for babies.”

Hearing these words, I felt like someone had just cut through my heart with a knife. It hit me for the first time that this little girl was growing up. I realized that day that people change . I knew  that my time was almost up.

This is exactly what I hate about being an imaginary friend. Every time I get attached to a child I have to remind myself that sooner or later I will have to say goodbye.  You would think by now that I should have gotten used to such moments, but I haven’t . Goodbyes are always  sad.

My days are long . I spend the hours waiting in silence only hoping that one day , we will play together like the good old days. I miss the old soul and spirit of my friend. That is why I really want the school semester to finish, maybe then I can have my friend back.

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