Confessions of an Imaginary Friend – Part Two

Our First Day at School

Our First Day at School

Read part one first here

It was six am when my best friend’s mother came into the room. She opened the curtains  allowing a gold ray of sunlight to shine on our faces. She was so excited about this day, in fact she was even more excited about it than her daughter. “Honey, wake up.” she said squeaking with joy, “Who is now a big girl in First Grade?” To this string of morning cheer, my friend  slowly awoke. It was then that I woke up too, as we wake up and go to sleep at the exact same time remember?

“Honey, wash your face and brush your teeth, then wear your uniform. I laid out for you  on the chair.” said the very happy mother as she pointed to the ugly gray skirt and blue shirt, we both hated so much. “Guess, what I made you for breakfast” she beamed. “What? ” asked my friend as she allowed the traces of lost sleep to  hang on every letter of the word. “I made you pancakes, my baby can’t go to school without a good breakfast,” said her mother . Then after planting a kiss on my friend’s cheek she instantly left the room.


“Marlin are you there?” my friend whispered only after making sure that her mother was out of site. “I’m here” I said. ” Come with me to school” she said “It is a new school, a new class, and a new teacher. I don’t have friends there.” The panic in her voice, made me feel  needed. I knew I that had to be there for her big day. It was my role to be there and to guide her through all her insecurities. It was a role I was proud of, so I said,  “Don’t worry, I will be there.”. “Wait” she said, “You don’t have a uniform!” “I will go to the fairies and get a uniform from there.” I replied.  “Can I come? ” she asked. “No, you need to get ready for school.” I replied.

However,  my words didn’t matter too much to her, as she clapped her hands and we both flew into the sky. “We don’t have time” she said, “Take the uniform from the fairies , and let’s get ready for school.”

Of course,  we were back in time, because the concept of time could easily be changed depending on her definitions and her needs. We could spend one minute flying in the sky with fairies and rainbows all around us and it can seem like hours. In this case, her mother’s voice brought us back to her room. “Come on dear!, we don’t have time. Get out of bed” she said as she walked into the room. So, without waiting a moment more , we washed our faces, brushed our teeth, and we were dressed in the ugly school uniform. At the breakfast table, we played a little game where we pretended that the syrup we poured on the pancakes was in fact a magic potion that made my friend’s hair as long and as golden as mine.

maxresdefault (1)

Then, we both sat in the back seat of her car and we drove to her school. Her mother held her hand as we climbed the stairs leading to her classroom. I stood behind her, wondering if I needed to go with her or not. She then turned her head and said, without moving her lips, “Are you coming with me?”. “Do you want me to?” I replied. “Yes, I do” she said.

So, together we walked to the classroom and I sat at a table with her and four other kids. In our first class, we learned each other’s names. Then, we drew. Later in the day, we went over the alphabet, which my friend already knew. We then played with cubes that had numbers on them . My friend knew the numbers too, so by then I was getting bored. I wanted for her to stop talking to the kids at her table and finally when she did I said, ” Let us leave this classroom and let us go play with the unicorns.”  She looked at me with irritation as she said, “Shhhhhhh, the teacher is talking. If she hears you, she will punish me, and if my new friends know about you , they won’t understand. They will think I’m talking to myself. Are you crazy?”

Now I know that my role is to be there for her, but I was in shock. This was the first time she ever told me to be quiet. I feel a bit silly telling you this but I resented her words “My new friends!” I thought to myself. She only knew them for a few hours and now she cares about their opinion?

Then, I worried . I even panicked . I didn’t want our friendship to end just yet. I knew it would eventually but I wasn’t ready for it to end today. Hearing her words, I did what any self respecting kid would do. I walked away. I went to the far corner of the room and I sat alone for the rest of the day.

During the break,  she played with her “New friends” and I watched her from afar as she rolled in the sand and she played tag. I looked at her as she played tea party with two girls from her class, and I couldn’t help but think that this was our game. Then, when the bell rang I was ready to leave. But, just as I was walking away, she looked behind her and called without moving her lips “Marlin, where are you ?”



“She still needs me” I said to myself with relief, “I’m here. ” I said. “Come with me to class” she said, and I was left with no choice but to obey.  We pulled out our lunch boxes and ate, but she was too busy talking to her classmates to notice that I was playing the game of magic food by myself. In music class, I stayed silent as she sang with her classmates. To tell you the truth , I was bored. But, I had to stay. I cannot leave unless my time has come.

The day eventually ended, and drove home in her mother’s car. I listened to her all the way home, tell her mother about a new girl she met called Ruba. I felt that if I left she wouldn’t even notice. Then, just as I was about to give up her mother’s cell phone rang. Being the good citizen, she parked the car, and took the call.

As we sat in silence, I realized that the phone call was taking longer than expected. I wanted to ask my friend if she wanted to play but I did not want to be shooshed again.  Then just as I was about to give up, something amazing happened. My friend turned to me and said without moving her lips “Marlin, let’s go play with the unicorns.”

These seven little words made me feel needed. In fact they made my day.

The End

To find out what happens next, read part three next Monday



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