Finger Power

A few weeks ago, I went to a color meditation session and it was then that I realized that I actually enjoy activities that involve coloring, painting, or any other form of art. You can read more about my experience with color meditation  Here. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the professional artist . But, there is something about playing with colors and paint that is relaxing.

My simple analysis of the matter is that such activities present a simple form  of entertainment that is so personal. In fact when you are coloring , your fun only involves you, your colors, and your paper. With this conviction,  I was just as excited about the finger painting class I saw announced on Facebook as I was about color meditation. So, I signed up and I eagerly went to the class at the In. Joy center last Thursday.


I arrived early and I chatted with the instructor over a sip of lemonade. When the rest of the group arrived we were ushered into the large studio where we were asked to take our shoes off and to pick as many finger paints as we want. The colors were all compelling, but something drove me to pick the colors light blue, pink, mint green, purple, deep blue, and silver . We were then asked to sit cross legged on the floor in front of large pieces of paper taped to a wall . Then, with soft music playing in the background, we were told to paint whatever we wanted using our hands.

At first, I was a bit self conscious. In fact, I was worried about the paint that was getting under my polished finger nails and the mess I was making on my palms. I wanted to avoid making a mess around me, and I was concerned about dripping paint on my jeans, my shirt, or the wall. I looked at the lady sitting next to me, only to see that she was immersed in what she was doing. Seeing her made me feel even more self conscious but I felt I had to get moving. So, I timidly started this exercise by doing small stamps on the paper with my thumb. Still, I did not want to get dirty.

But, as the stamps started to drip on the paper and as they began to mesh into one another, I started to like what I was seeing. I actually started to  enjoy myself, but I was still worried about how the end result will look. I was looking around me only to see that all the other ladies were producing great pieces of art and I wanted to do the same.

But , as more time passed by, I forget about the other ladies. I forgot about the end result, and I didn’t even care anymore about getting dirty. I was actually randomly putting colors on the paper without event thinking and it was then that I started having a blast. At the end of the exercise, I realized that I had produced a mesh of colors. It was not really a painting of anything, but yet it wasn’t too bad to look at. The instructor told me that my choice of colors and the movements on the paper showed that I am really feminine. So, I am glad that my color dribbles actually meant something. Whether I am really girlie or not is yet debatable.


I then went to wash my hands. Thankfully,  all my apprehensions about the blue paint under my nails disappeared. It turned out that the paints we used were easily washable. With this realization, I was eager to start the next exercise. This exercise involved us choosing two colors only. Looking at the paints, something drove me to choose a deep green and yellow.  I have to say that I don’t know why I choose the colors I do. I just allow myself to be guided by gut feeling.

We all then sat in a circle, and the instructor told us to draw a circle, square, or triangle on the sheet in front of us. I attempted to draw a circle, yet my inability to master the art of drawing curves with my finger turned the circle into an odd shape that was neither oval nor round. Then, the instructor told us to draw a face in the shape we drew, and that this drawing was going to be our self portrait.

My only concern at that point was to draw something that remotely looked like me, but then I realized that such a goal was impossible to achieve given that the dominating color in my drawing was green. I decided then to forget about that goal, and to instead enjoy the drawing itself. While making a mess, I managed and at the end I actually came up with something that looked ok. However, the relaxing part of this exercise was only achieved when I stopped really caring about how the end result will look.


The final exercise for the evening was a guided mediation, where we were asked to stand in front of  pieces of paper with circles on them. We were then asked to think of each color representing each chakra individually and to try filling in the ring corresponding to that color on the paper in front of us. For this exercise my sheet of paper was glued to the window, and to be honest I  was inspired by the pink glow of the sunset in front of me and the beautiful view of the city.   I can’t say I was able to mediate, but I did find the exercise fun and relaxing.

In the last ten minutes  of the class, we were guided through a breathing exercise and always, such exercises put me to sleep. At the end of the class, I felt relaxed. I enjoyed the experience and I look forward to doing it again. I am not into the mediation of it really. Let me just say that I am still  unable to achieve the effects it promises but yet I loved this class anyway .

This is the great thing about Amman, if you know where to look then you will find many new ways to spend  your time.


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