It’s Simple

Today, my partners of good will and I, helped to organize an event for 60 needy kids from the Dar Al Manara center. The event was not originally our idea but rather it came to life through the innovative inspiration of a young lady  named Hadeel who did not even turn 15.

Hadeel contacted us after being part of our  last Ramadan Iftar event. She asked us  to help her do something similar. If you are wondering who my partners of good will are, well they are the two people who work with me on self inspired charity events. We are not part of an organization or some fancy entity, but rather we are three regular people seeking to contribute to the extra ordinary act of kindness.

The event we helped the young girl plan was a simple affair. It was only about 60 kids having fun at the park. Her plan for the day included races, face painting, storytelling, and other fun activities.

I was mainly face painting but I could hear the children’s cheers in the background. In fact today,  I learned how to paint the face of a lion, a cat, and a butterfly with what limited art skills I have. My art must have been not too bad as the kids loved it.  During games of tug of war,  the simple act of pulling a rope was enough to fill them with cheers. Go-carts, swings, slides, and a storyteller were cause for celebration, and to me, one child telling me at the end of the day “I am so happy” made all the planning worth it.

I believe that our young organizer in fact understood a lesson in life that some people take a lifetime to grasp.

After all, it takes so little to really make a difference in the lives of those forgotten by the CSR programs. A small effort to search for the needy  people neglected by the  media can go a long way. A  commitment to find those people who are ignored by the big charity organizations, the non-profits, and  the NGOs is a leap into creating better societies. It  takes a genuine soul to respond to the needs of those who do not get mentioned by the fan pages, and the marketing teams of large charity organizations, and it takes sincerity to do acts of good will without wondering how it will effect a personal image.

The forgotten people can easily be happy, because  just remembering them is what counts.


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