Who are the Good People ?

As we approach the final days of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I can’t help but wonder, who are really the good people?

Are the good people those who do charity acts throughout the holy month and only the Holy Month. Or, are the good people those who fast and pray, regardless of their other actions? Are the good people the ones who donate tons of money for charities in Ramadan or are they the people who are nice to their families and friends?

Is the person doing charity yet hurting others a good person? Or, is the good person the one who cooks for her family   despite her old age? Is the good person someone who pays a beggar in the street although part of him knows that the beggar could be lying or is the good person, the one who is fair at work and who gives credit where credit is due?

Are the people who take time off for the last ten days in Ramadan to practice their spirituality good, regardless of their actions throughout the year? I helped organize several Iftars for needy kids during Ramadan, so does that make me a good person?

At the end we all want to be good people, but who decides what is good and what is not.

Is the person doing charity because he fears God a better person than the person doing charity of the sake of community service? .

I think being good is defined by each one of us differently, but at the end it boils down to how you view yourself and your life. If you don’t hate yourself for something you did or said then probably you are good.

To me, being  good means being honest with yourself and with others. I believe that we  are only good when we know that our actions have had a positive impact on the lives of others.  We are only good when we lay our heads on our pillows at night, and we feel a sense of satisfaction with our contribution to the world.

This week my blog post is short and simple

It is a simple call for everyone to be good and to be honest

Happy Eid  to you all

Unity and Strength
Many people join hands to represent a family unity.

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