We Owe it to Ourselves


Dear reader,

Instead of talking about another social issue, I decided to take on a more positive approach today.  I just figured that we can all use a bit of positive flavor in our lives. I cannot say one single event has thrown me in this direction. But lately, I have come to realize that within our existence we tend to think more about what we owe society, our families, our friends, our employers, and even the less fortunate citizens that share the streets  and spaces that our country  has to offer .

Granted this is a very good direction to take in life, however the  quest to satisfy all segments making up our social fabric forces us to forget about ourselves. What do we owe ourselves?. The truth is that we owe ourselves a lot.   By all means I am not saying that we should be selfish but I am saying that we should not be selfless either. In simple terms, we owe ourselves the following:



1:  We Owe it to Ourselves to Pursue our Passions

Many of us spend the first years of our lives playing games with our friends . In many of these games, we pretend  to act out our big dreams. However, life happens and those dreams are reduced to a day job which we keep in order to pay our bills. How many kids said  that they wanted to be writers, painters, poets, astronauts, scientists, inventors, dancers, or superheroes? The answer is many , but many of them don’t get to pursue their dreams because they are tied down to the challenges life throws at them. If you are an adult who had a childhood dream, you owe it to yourself to pursue that dream. After all, you don’t want to be on your deathbed wishing that you had a life different than the one you had been living for decades.


2: We owe it to ourselves to chaise love

Let’s be frank, how many people end up spending their lives with partners they don’t love? Now, obviously they don’t hate the partner but their lives are void of passions or real feelings. The unloving couple  is tied down to the kids they bought into this world, the parents evenings at school, his family, her family, and the cold harsh reality that they have nothing in common. Ultimately this is the fate of anyone who let pride, tradition, society, family wishes, or a pure fear of failure to stand in the way of his/her pursuit of love. It usually happens like this, boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves boy, but pride, lack of finances, or other social pressures prevent the two from being together. One of them gives up, so they both end up being with people they don’t love. Bottom line is, life is too short and so we owe it to ourselves to fight in order to be around true love. We owe it to ourselves to live with people we love.


3: We owe it to ourselves to break the routine

One will never grow as a human being if he/she keeps on doing the same thing every single day. Sure, they will be very good at it, but they will not know if they are better at doing or trying something else. Breaking the routine doesn’t have to involve jumping off a cliff or  swimming in a sea of sharks, but it does involve opening one’s self up to the possibility of seeing a new way of life every once in a while.


4: We owe it to ourselves to forgive and forget

By the time you reach a certain age, you are bound to have been hurt by another person at least once in your life.  You owe it to yourself to not hold onto that hurt , because nothing can be more toxic. You owe it to yourself to try and understand why that person hurt you. If no explanation is ever given, then you owe it to yourself to forgive them. The truth is , you never forgive for the sake of the other person, but you forgive because you need to move on. Nothing new will ever happen in your life if you are too busy analyzing an old story.


5: We owe it to ourselves to use your full potential

If you are doing something that has lost its unique edge,  or that is no longer as interesting as it used to be, then you owe it to yourself to seek new challenges. Those who do great things are those who had worked to their full potential and they are not those who sat and stuck to doing the same thing every day.



6: We owe it to ourselves to get out of our comfort zone

This one  is simple, your comfort zone keeps you comfortable but it never gives you wings to fly.


7: We owe it to ourselves to be a good people

Did you know that the most honest minutes in your day are those you spend in the dark right before falling asleep. In the quiet of the night you will evaluate your days, and you better be happy with the way you treated others. Feeling you have wronged someone is the worse feeling ever. This is not to say that you shouldn’t make mistakes, you are a person and you will make mistakes but you owe it to yourself to go to bed at night knowing that you have tried your best to correct all your wrong doings. Being a good person starts with the small steps. Help those who need your help. Listen to those who need you, and give the advice you can give. Be a good person because you owe it to yourself to have a clear conscience.


8: We owe it ourselves to not be your own worst critic

I’m not so good at talking to people, I always say the wrong things, I’m too fat, I’m too ugly, no one will like me as I am. These are all things we say about ourselves in public. It might be a defense mechanism we use to avoid disappointment. But think of it this way, if you are not your own biggest fan, how will people believe in you? Sure, you have to acknowledge that you are not perfect but you should stop beating yourself up over things that went wrong in your life. Things will go wrong always, but we owe it to ourselves to acknowledge that not everything bad that happened to us is our own fault.   



Finally we owe it to ourselves to live our life, and not the life of anyone else. Life is too short, we owe it to ourselves to be happy.



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