Not the List of Resolutions

We have come this time of year where everyone asks you the deep questions about your plans for the year to come. People ask you “What are you plans for 2016 ?”, “What are your resolutions ? ”  “What do you plan to achieve? ” and the list goes on.

Every year I get sucked into this whole idea of the “New year, new me” and I do make the effort to write down resolutions . Yet on the last year of every year, I go back to this list only  to realize that I didn’t accomplish  much from what was on there.  I then end up feeling bad for my lack of achievements, and I forget, in the process, that the year was not as uneventful as it actually looks according to the list of dreams I have created.


Last year, I wanted to lose weight, and that didn’t happen at the rate I was expecting. I am significantly thinner but still not as thin as I want to be. What can I say? Food is so good !

I have always wanted to be one of those people who doesn’t eat when she is in a bad mood, but I’m not. Similarly,  I wanted to take my writing more seriously, and I created a writing group to do that. Unfortunately, the commitment from myself and members was an issue and that group didn’t achieve much. I also wanted to get my Distinguished Toastmasters Certificate, but that didn’t happen because the Division in Jordan didn’t collaborate with me enough. I didn’t find a club to mentor, and they preferred to give the mentoring task to others..

So, according to this list, I should feel terrible, but I don’t because I did achieve other things. I am actually learning to write better in Arabic, I advanced in my career, I was part of a regional conference for the first time in my life, and I made a lot of new friends. So, I think life has a way of balancing itself out. Maybe we don’t stick our plans but we do achieve other things.  To me, 2015 was a good year on the personal level, even if I didn’t achieve a lot of what I originally planned to.


Now for me 2014 was so terrible, that 2015, didn’t have to do much to actually be good year.  I think I have learned that just hoping that nothing awful happens is more than enough.

So, to save myself from heartache, I have decided to dispense with the list. I choose instead to just be committed to the idea of being a better person, and to refrain from repeating stupidities from years past.

I think that the greatest lesson we learn in life is to stop asking ourselves how things should be and instead to just enjoy how things are. Things won’t turn out exactly as we dreamed they would, but that doesn’t mean that they are actually bad.  We end up letting go of ideals, places, people, and hopes we actually thought would make us happy, only to seek happiness in the least expected places. If humanity can just grasp this idea, then happiness is a more achievable goal.


Of course, if there is anything I do wish for in 2016. it is that the world becomes a calmer place, because on the global level this was a year of tragedies.

So wherever you are and whatever you might be doing, I do wish you all a Happy New Year, and I do hope that 2016 is a good year for all societies across the globe.


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