The Truth About Karma and the Supernatural

Since the beginning of time, people justified the unexplained incidents in their lives by claiming that they are the result of supernatural powers. The ancient Greeks attributed all of life’s occurrences to the will and preference of the  Greek Gods and Goddesses. When anything unfortunate happened to any member of their society they would say that the incident is the result of a curse sent down on that person from an angry God. Other belief systems attributed the not so fortunate and even unfair occurrences of life to other supernatural causes be it pre-destination, the will of God, Karma or any name you would like to give it.


Despite a few variations in these belief systems,  the core or essence that all these concepts call for is similar. All these concepts claim that the will of a supernatural force, be it God, the Gods, or the energy of the universe, is the only element governing what happens to us in life. This also means that whenever there is something happening to us that we can’t explain we can just call it  the act of the universe or God.  Whenever someone is cruel to us, we can even comfort ourselves with the idea that God has a reason for the hardships we are feeling. If we are believers in Karma we can even go a step further and say that the person wronging us will get what they deserve from the universe.

These are very comforting thoughts. After all, they negate the possibility that bad things do in fact happen for no reason. They steer away from the idea that some people wrong us for no reason, and they explicitly negate the possibility that life is not fair. On the one hand, such beliefs may allow us to  move on from any hardship faster than we would otherwise, because if we are believers in such forces we will whole heatedly believe that Karma or God will avenge us and eventually we will either learn a lesson from our hardships or we will get something wonderful in return for our endurance.

More importantly, these thoughts also exempt us from taking any responsibility for our actions. After all, we are human beings who simply act at the will of God or the universe. Our reactions are the will of God and the universe, and worse yet, everything awful we experience happens for a reason. Anyone who hurt us whether physically or emotionally will get what they deserve from God and the universe, so this is all good.  All our good actions will also be rightfully rewarded and when we are nice to others they will always be nice to us because God, the Gods, or Karma is fair and life will give us what we deserve. On the other hand, such thoughts may also make us irresponsible people who are just sitting and waiting for everything to happen to us.


Being the cynical person I am, I do sometimes wonder if Karma, God, and pre-destination give everyone what they deserve.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying anything against religion and i am not here to criticize such beliefs, but such beliefs do make people seem helpless and powerless don’t they ? After all, are we only the product of God’s will, the will of the Gods, or the energy flowing in the universe, or Karma? Call it what you want, but personally I don’t think this is the case. While I do wish we live in a world that functions on the belief that what comes around goes around, but let’s face it, we don’t. Yes, in our world,  people are mean for no reason at all. We react to them in a way that is equally as mean for no reason at all. Life doesn’t avenge us from the actions of those who wrong us, nothing bad happens to them in return for the bad they have done. I don’t believe that everyone who does mean things deserve to be hit by a bus for example, and that is not because I am extra nice. I’m not, I’m sometimes as dark as people can be and at other times I’m on the sweeter side , i’m human, and angels don’t walk this earth.

But,  I believe that fixing an action is an internal choice that wrongdoers may never ever take. The people who wrong us might choose to move on and be just as mean to others, or they might move on to be nice to others and only mean to us. We could do everything we are supposed to do in a job, a relationship, a friendship, or towards our families, but still we would not get any recognition. The truth is that life is not fair, and these Godly powers and the power of Karma are just a comforting thought.


God does exist, and maybe karma does exist too, but these forces are not around just to serve us, because we as people are responsible for our actions, our reactions, and we are responsible for how we deal with the inexplicable cruelty we could be subjected to in our life. Karma doesn’t fix our world for us, we are responsible for fixing it. This is the reality, because I’m sure God and Karma have more important things to attend to than a mean boss, cruel friends, stolen money, grief, an abusive dad, a selfish mom, a devastating breakups, or whatever else we are struggling with.

Let’s keep things real!



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