The Key Element

Last week I asked myself what I was really passionate about. Then, I realized that I’m passionate about a lot of things. I am passionate about long novels with intriguing character plots, and I am passionate about

writing about society, places, faces, and people. I am intrigued by compelling song lyrics, and especially those that trigger a genuine good or bad feeling forgotten over time.  I am passionate about meaningful conversations, bad conversations, good jokes, bad jokes, shared opinions, and opposing opinions.

Now that I think more about it, I can say that these passions all have one thing in common, they all involve people. In a nutshell,   I am passionate about people and everything about them. I am passionate about watching their gestures, listening to their words, analyzing their words, and even hearing about their achievements, their obstacles, their worries, and their fears. I enjoy the give and take of provoking thoughts, and even  arguments as arguments do reveal the hidden facets of character.

I am genuinely interested in hearing peple’s life stories. I even engage in long phone conversations, not because I talk too much, well sure that too, but because I like to listen to the unique layers that make each individual on this earth a ridfle. I love the power of words and the effect they have on our mind. I  like words that inspire and words that disgust.

So,  the things I like are a deeper reflection of my greatest passion in life . My passion in life is people.




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