Older? Wiser ? or Jaded?

They say that you get older and wiser with age, but I wonder if the term wiser is really accurate. I’m sure we get older. After all, this fact is related to the passing of time, the ticking of minutes, and the flow of the hours, days, weeks, months, and years. But does this passing of time make us know any better? Does it in fact make us wiser?


Personally. I’m not so sure it does, because if we did get any wiser in our 30s then we were in our 20s, or wiser in our 40s then we were in our 30s, then we wouldn’t continue to make silly mistakes over the years.
Maybe we get more jaded with time, more cynical, less hopeful, and more doubtful, but I don’t think we get any smarter. We still act stupidly in our 20s, as we do in our 30s, our 40s, and our 50s. We continue to go on this road called “life” meeting people who bring out the worse in us. We stay too long in careers that are just not fitting for our personalities. We spend aimlessly , only to be broke and regretful later. We continue to move forward while hurting others, and we engage in actions and interactions that are toxic for our emotional wellbeing. Such actions follow us regardless of time, place, circumstance, plan, or chance . So if we were to get wiser with age, wouldn’t we eventually get to the point where we stop making such self abusive errors?


The truth is we don’t get to that point ever, because the human nature keeps convincing itself that “Things will be better this time” it convinces us to keep moving forward in a choice that is obviously wrong for it and yet the heart hopes that things will miraculously work out for the best, or at least better than the evidence dictates they should. We know the evidence, and yet we are shocked when things don’t end the way they should have.
So we really don’t learn and we don’t get wiser, but I do believe we get more jaded with age, more tarnished with the years, and less innocent. We keep trying until we learn to silence the voice within us that keeps pushing us to try, and with each life event that shakes us, we lose a bit of that bright eyed hopefulness that used to define the bubbly personalities of our teenage years. We simply stop caring, hoping, or acting because we fear making more destructive mistakes. We lose sight of that time when we used to believe that a world of possibilities was open to us, and we change to become dark people who only want to play it safe and stick to what we know.
The years. I think, make us more pessimistic and more surrendering to society, where we would not want to be seen in public riding a swing, laughing loudly, watching cartoons, or wanting the toy that comes with the happy meal . We always pose to make sure that we behave in the way society expects us to, and where our main aim is to appear “proper”.



We even learn to mistake that jadedness for growing up, where people would say to us that we should even thank the boss who fired us, the person who disappointed us, and the teacher who told us , we suck, because it is through them that we learned the reality of life. But part of me doesn’t know whether we should thank such people or hate them. If we were to thank these people, what are we supposed to thank them for? Are we supposed to thank them for taking part of our optimism away ,or are we supposed to show them our gratitude for making us develop a darker shade of our once so bright characters.

I believe that with each, not so flattering, life experience we don’t learn and we don’t become any smarter than we were, we just become more calculating, less spontaneous, less open to possibilities, and we become harsher as people. We stay where we are, fearing another disappointment, and we stop taking risks, until we simply become a copy of what society wants us to be.
Some people would argue that that jaded loss of innocence is what makes us wiser. I don’t I just think we lose the sweetest parts of ourselves with our years, and that is simply not wise it is sad.


Maybe we should polish that jaded side of us , and maybe the optimistic person within should shine in a society of jaded people, because such jaded people only think they are wise.
I’m not wise, I just have my verbal diarrhea



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