Guilty Pleasures

I’m guilty of loving to shop. I tried to fight it for a long time, and yet I find a certain pleasure in buying myself something new every once in a while. I’m still not a fan of spending hours in the mall, and I don’t aimlessly wonder from store to store, only to go home empty handed. But, yes I like to buy myself new stuff and it feels good.

I’m also guilty of actually enjoying my after iftar walks, which is really something new for me. At first those used to be done out of the necessity brought about by my desire to get in shape and lose weight. But, lately I’m starting to actually enjoy them, as they offer me some alone time in my otherwise very crowded life.


Then again, my need to walk everyday comes hand in hand with my third guilty pleasure and that is my long, lasting, committed relationship with food.

You see, I realized that I am never going to be one of those girls who says a green salad fills her up, or who will say she hates meat, or that will even utter the words I’m full after two spoons of rice. I am never going to talk about calories, complex carbs, or simple carbs, or proteins, or any other topic of the sort. To me, food is good. I like it, and I would even say being a food critic is a dream job for me. I like going to restaurants and trying strange items on the menu. going out for dinner is an activity in itself. and I like things that are bad for you by any health standard. So now you understand my need to get in shape.


I am also guilty of actually enjoying watching E-news, or any other gossip or reality TV show. I know very well that these shows feed us pointless pieces of information about people who are famous and who we will probably never meet in real life. I guess when you are fasting your IQ does become synonymous with the IQ of a cabbage. This guilty pleasure started in Ramadan, so I will let you know if I still feel the same after the Holy Month.



I am also guilty of panicking from the site of numbers, and this has nothing to do with Ramadan. Although I’m a smart person, simple arithmetic brings out the stupid side of me, as I physically get a headache from calculating things.

Abstract background with numbers

I am also guilty of liking social media, and I don’t believe it is an infringement on my privacy. To me, the issue of privacy is simple. If it is private information it won’t be on my Facebbok timeline or in my tweets. If it is a bad picture of me, it will be hidden in the confines of my private life and not in a place protected by a simple privacy setting. So I won’t be one of those people who will say life is bad because of social media. Your life is bad if you use it stupidly.

Finally, I do care a lot about politics, but I don’t feel I can write about it, it is too painful. Instead I use social media to spread the word, and my blog to write about life. I feel guilty about that too.


Now, you may be wondering why I’m sharing this pointless information with you, well to me all these facts represent my simple declaration of being human. It is a confirmation of liking things that make no sense, discovering that you like things you never thought you did, and knowing what freaks you out.
We all have those pointless gully pleasures yet we hide them, simply because we are all trying to appear intellectual by sharing deep conversations , profound thought, and dense life philosophies.

Let us all stop for a second, and admit the silly things about us. Maybe then everyone would stop pretending. After all, we are all intellectual we don’t need to flaunt it.
Did I mention, I have verbal diarrhea ? ya that’s another one of them .



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