Munthir’s Dilemma————————–Part 4




The next day, Munthir went about his day to day activities and so did Amal. however, Amal kept wondering why he didn’t make plans for an upcoming meeting. Suzan’s words kept ringing in her mind “If he likes me, he should set a next meeting”, she thought. The truth was that Munthir did want to set an upcoming meeting. In fact, he couldn’t get her inelegance out of his head, but ethically he felt strange about making plans with her while planning to meet a prospective bride. He even went home following their meeting with every intention of setting another date, but he delayed these plans following Sadiq’s call.
In his state of confusion, he called his friend Amer for advice, and Amer said to him after hearing the story of his encounter with Amal, “You are a free agent, don’t feel guilty about seeing the bride or her. You can see as many women as you like until you put a ring on a girl’s finger.”. Munthir replied “But this means she is a free agent too. I’m not sure I want her to be.”
Amer siad, “No with women its different, she should not see other men while she is seeing you. Anyway relax, women are emotional they don’t think of more than one guy at the same time.”. “But isn’t that kind of unfair?” Munthir asked.
Amer replied, “Remember she is girlfriend material only , not wife. Don’t be an idiot. No one wants a woman who knows as much if not more than him sitting in his home. Besides you have a bride potential waiting for you, it won’t hurt to see her. Sadiq is aware of the whole wife v’s girlfriend issue, and he would know how to pick someone who fits being a wife. If you ask me, I don’t know what you see in Amal she is older and she is not that pretty. ”
Munthir replied “It’s not her looks, she looks nothing like the type of girl I would be attracted to. She is funny, smart, educated, elegant……but you don’t get it. Anyway, I will go to Sadiq’s house for dinner. I promised the guy.”
While entering his home later that evening, Munthir said “Mom, I’m not staying for dinner. Sadeq invited me to his house.” Peeping her head through the kitchen doorway his mother asked, “And just when were you going to tell me that you were meeting a bride?”. “I’m not meeting a bride mom, I am responding to a dinner invitation and there will be a girl there that Sadiq thinks I may like.” “Give up Munthir Sadeq’s mom told me everything. I am so happy,” she ran to him as she said,” I always knew you would come around. This love thing doesn’t make sense.” “I love how news travels fast in Amman” he sarcastically said. “It does,” his mother replied,” I also know you went out with that Amal girl you met at the wedding. Mama sweetie, she s not for you. 35?” .”Not for me, ” Munthir gasped, “How many kids is she going to have. She’s old. She loves her work, she won’t leave it. Who will cook for you? ” “Mom” snapped Munthir, “would you calm down! It’s dinner, my thing with Amal was coffee. Stop jumping to conclusions…… know what ? That is why I don’t tell you anything.” he said has he went into the bathroom to shower, slamming the door behind him.
While showering he could hear his mother talking to his father, “This boy doesn’t know what he is doing. Um Sadeq told me everything about the girl, Sadeq invited for dinner. She is 24, she works as a teacher in a government school so she finishes around 1:30 max, and she is conservative, beautiful, she even showed me a picture. She is so beautiful white skin, brown hair, green eyes, and Um Sadeq also tells me she is a fabulous cook. What is he doing thinking about that Amal. Talk to him”, she pleaded with Muthir’s dad , “You have to talk to him. When is this boy ever going to get married.”

“Relax Layla, he is a grown man. I’m not going to tell him what to do.” said Munthir’s dad, “Now let’s eat. I hope we are not having leftovers from yesterday.” “Abu Munthir, you know better than that, I made you stuffed chicken and rise.”
Getting ready in his room, Munthir was infuriated. He didn’t want his mother to know ,as she will nag now about the bride and about Amal. “And what about Amal, ” he thought “What was it about this girl that he so wanted to know more.”. Determined to find answers he picked up the phone and called her. But, there was no reply. “what is she up to” he wondered. In fact, Amal was not up to much, she just saw his call late. Without saying a word to his family, he left the house and drive over to Sadiq’s houe.


Read Part 5—— Tomorrow stay tuned.


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